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help sporter stock for sako mannlicher

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  • help sporter stock for sako mannlicher

    I just got off the phone with www, my bell carlson synthetic stock will not accept the hvy barrel of my Sako .
    The mannlicher is beautiful,but ......
    So I ordered a synthetic Bell Carlson. L61r in long action 20"bbl.
    I had taken the barreled action from the stock and to my surprise the barrel looks like a black conduit pipe it is so heavy.
    Anyone out there have any suggestions? I am looking for a synthetic drop in under 250.00.
    The various wood stocks semi finished are great; Richards Microfit etc, but, would greatly prefer drop-in than take a chance making grave errors for the final finish.
    thanks to all

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    I might be interested in your Mannlicher stock if you want to sell it too help defray the cost of a synthetic stock. I have a Sako AV in 375 H&H with a 20" barrel that has a Mannlicher stock but it was some how cracked right at the crossbolt just in front of the magazine well. Actually all I need is the buttstock as I still have the front portion.


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      B&C for Sako


      I've never put a B&C stock on anything but have stocked a hundred Sakos. I don't know what rifle the B&C stock was made for but all Sakos have barrels like that, not just the carbines.They ain't light. Is that an injection molded stock? I'm not familiar with them, but can you just open the barrel channel?

      I don't know of a synthetic in that price range, not many companies make stocks for the Sakos. Good luck.
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        McMillan Stock

        swedeshooter, I just recently replaced the Mannlicher stock on my wife's SAKO A111 Long Action 30-06 with a McMillan stock. The stock cost approx $400 through Marc at Wiggys. The downside was the wait, it took 13 weeks to recieve it, but we are happy with the quality and fit, especially the wider forend. McMillan had only two choices of styles for that SAKO action. Stock weighs 19 oz.
        The orginal Mannlicher stock is a beautiful wood and in perfect condition but we wanted something a little more weather friendly.The one drawback of the new stock is the sound it makes when something brushes against it or hits it in the field. It is a plastic sound and isn't natural, especially after using wood stocks all these years.
        We had Vince at Percision Arms in Anchorage bed it up and this rifle has never shot so well. It was bullseye city within 3 shots on sight in. Not as lightweight as we hoped, with a Lep 1.5X7 VIII and sling it weighs over 9 lbs., but is a real comfortable shooter.


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          bell carlson

          measured the muzzle; .696 inches
          measured the barrel at the action; 1.166
          Thanks for the help , did not know that all Sako's were like this, quite the beast, Thanks Murphy.
          Will have to hold onto the Mannlicher stock, thanks for the offer Alleninalaska.
          Seaulater, that 400 bucks price tag is prohibitive for me, but thanks for the information.
          Waiting on a reply from Richards, will speak with rifle-accuracy again, I think he mentioned that the channel will handle up to .698.
          Thanks again guys


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            What are you gonna do with the B&C

            I have an Alll Sako 30.06 mannlicher that I have thought about putting a B&C synthetic stock on. If you are selling your B&C please drop me an email.


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              On a similiar note, I just had my stock replaced for my Mannlicher from MPI stocks and Doc did a beautiful job.


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                I had an MPI stock on a M-70 358 Norma Mag. Talk about a bullet proof stock. And mine had a raised cheek piece. They are a touch heavier than other plastic type stocks since they are fiberglass. Mine was not really a drop in. More like a Browns stock blank...
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