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Hardcast .451 Bullets?

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  • Hardcast .451 Bullets?

    I am working up loads for a .460 Rowland. Does anyone know of a source here in Southcentral AK for bulk,hardcast .451,230 -300 grain flatnose or Keith style bullets? I have called around Anchorage to gunshops and so-called ammunition suppliers with very poor results. I would prefer to keep my dollars local,....but..... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hard Cast bullets

    If you mean local as in Alaska, the best place is from The Bull Shop at Delta Junction, AK 907-895-4739.

    His name is Dan Congiolosi. He make just about anything you need and will size to your specs. (I would think .452" would be better unless you've slugged the bore) He is a great guy and earns his living making excellent bullets. Give him a try. He also makes custom ammo.
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      Murphy I was beating my brains out all day after first reading this post this morning trying to think of that shop name. I bought bullets from him years ago. Can't remember what caliber though.


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        sportsmans warehouse has them. A couple of differnt brands at that. I started shooting the 460 rowland last year. Converted a kimber stainless pistol. The round is a real whacker. Brass is expensive though dont ya think


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          Check with, they have great prices and offer free shipping to Alaska.

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            .460 Rowland

            Thanks for the replies. Most helpful.

            I didn't see any at Sportsmans Warehouse....I'll look again , maybe even ask someone this time (!)

            Brass is expensive...I have 500 on the way. No mochas for the next few weeks.

            Thanks again..


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              460 Rowland....

              You guys are getting me looking for my 460 barrel.

              I have a Clark barrel and recoil spring some where, maybe in another state.

              I had a load from an old Lyman mold that was 245 grains and with 14.0 grains of AA#7 was about 1200 fps in my gun. It didn't feed perfectly but was pretty good. These were sized .452", maybe that affects feeding. Hmmm... My 200 Sierra FPJ load was 17.0 grains of AA#7 for about 1400 fps. This is a heluva whallop from an auto loader but I had trouble keeping the grip screws tight in my pistol.

              I have gone to a more mild mannered 45 Super load which is just beefed up brass (Starline also) and the same 24# recoil spring. I can shoot full 45 auto and heavy super loads with out changing parts. I load it to about 100 fps behind the Rowland. I will say the Rowland does give 44 Mag performance from the 45 Auto.

              Yeah, it is expensive brass but Starline is the best. I spend a lot of time looking for my brass, ejection is strong. You may have to order your bullets from Dan, Beartooth or Cast Performance. They will have what you need. Some of the LBT's won't fit the 45 magazine, so test them before loading a bunch of them.
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                Go over to Dixie Slugs (dixieslugs,com), punch the Rock Island button. Take a look at the hard cast heat treated .45 bullets that John Anderson and I designed. Take a real close look at the Xtreme Meplat Cast bullets!
                Regards, James


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