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    I posted a thread a while ago regarding whether I should have my stock professionally refinished, do it myself or buy synthetic. I was given some great advice from the forum on tips and techniques and after contemplating what I should do I went for it and bought a refinishing kit from Birchwood Casey. The whole project took about a fortnight and you guys were right. The results are very rewarding. It was very labor intensive and sometimes I found myself very anxious on what the final product would look like. The stock isn't by any means professional grade and flawless but I don't think it's supposed to be so thank you all again for the advice. My next question is whether or not to glass the bed and barrel. I called some of the gunsmiths around town to get pricing and some of the guys said it is not worth glassing a walnut stock rifle becausing of warping although some said it was fine. I dont know who to believe on this manner; some people just want to make their money and I understand that. This is why I am asking the forum for you all seem to give the most objective advice that I can find.
    Any comments are appreciated.
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    Looks good. Personally, I might bed the action, but I'd free float the barrel. If it shoots good as is, though, I wouldn't mess with it. As far as warping, of course wood will warp more than synthetic or laminate, but I've never had a problem with it and all my rifles, including those I used in AK for 10 years, from Kodiak and Montague Island to the North Slope, have wood stocks. They've been in the rain, snow damp, dry; all condidtions Alaska offers with no warping problems.


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      That turned out nice. My thoughts are that glass-bedding the action is always a good idea as it takes up any slop between the inletting and action allowing for more consistency.
      However, if it shoots fine as is, I wouldn't bother with it unless doing so gives you warm fuzzies.
      Now what ?


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        Awesome stock, I dig the darker color.

        As far as bedding, shoot it and see if it shoots and if it changes sighting/impact from day to day. If you sealed it properly warping should be minimal but all blanks are different.

        The accraglass kits from browells seem to be favored by those who have done bedding work.

        Once again, nice job!


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