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    I have an older pump 12ga. that has an adjustable choke system on the end of the barrel. My question is; is it ok to shot slugs thru it without damaging the gun and if so what choke should it be set on, full, mod, or imp. cyl.? Also if slugs are not ok can I fire buckshot in it and if yes, what setting? Thanks. Robert.

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    Robert, I have a similar setup on my old 16 ga, it actually has a "slug" setting on it. Yours has Improved Cylinder and would be the most open of the ones you listed. That is what I would set it on. Mark


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      Start with the most open choke for slugs and use tight choke for buck.These older style chokes which they still make may not look great but are handy as heck.
      Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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        I agree with marco. We had an old 12 gauge bolt action with an adjustable choke for deer back in Ohio. Slugs worked best with an open choke, so improved would be the way to go. Test it with the buckshot, starting at improved and adjust tighter to see how the pattern changes. Sometimes with buckshot you never know.


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          Little Confused

          So that I understand....Full Choke for Slugs and Modified for Buckshot. Thanks for the replys, Robert.


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            No, you want to go with the Improved Cylinder choke for slugs, not Full. Full would be for buckshot.


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              Got it. Thanks All.



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                Still talking chokes

                I always thought the idea of the "polychoke" was great, have my dads old 16ga with it on. It wasn't real pretty and reduces the value of most guns that has one installed. Now I see there is one made for the screw in choke so it isn't permanent. Now we are talking, not much different looking than an extended choke tube. More accessories to buy!!!:cool:



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