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4" 629 face lift

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  • 4" 629 face lift

    I was pretty bored today so I took my 4" 629 smith and decided to pretty it up some. It is just a stock 629 44 mag, I put a set of nice wood grips on it a while back and have proceded to carry this thing for the better part of 4 years, usually fishing, hiking, 4 wheeling or snowmachining. ALways in my survival sheath chest holster. Because of its placement on my chest it has really taken a beating over the last few years not to mention getting wet and left that way for weeks at a time and generally mistreated. For the gun I carry the most I surely wasn't taking good enough care of it. I took it all apart and bead blasted it into a nice even matte finish, and cleaned up the trigger a bit. It sure looks better now. I think later this week I will order a set of sights for it, been looking at the XS sight system sights, the 24/7 sight looks pretty good. ALso probably do a full moon clip conversion one of these days.

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    You done good - very attractive.
    "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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      Agreed. I like how you accented the cylinder with the ring...
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        Strange how the guns we use daily do get the less care often.Bead blasting always looks good to me and can sure make the uglies go away.
        Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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          Slick! It's not often I see a set of whittled grips I like, but those pass my rather rigid muster.

          Have you considered Magnaporting? It really makes a huge difference on the 4" 629. Shooting side by side, my ported 4" has less muzzle rise than my 7" RH 44. Makes it a whole lot more manageable, something I really want in a carry gun.
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            Maybe Consider the LaserGrip sight??

            I sure like the new look on your 629! That is really classy. I just thought I would mention that when you are looking at investing in new sights, you might consider Crimson Trace Laser Grips. I have a set on my 329, and I sure do like the whole package. You can always use the stock sights, but when you put the dot on the target, that is where the bullet goes. It helps for double action and single action dry-firing practice, too, since you can see the dot moving when you move the gun.

            After reading about them for a few years, I was pretty sure I would like the LaserGrips--sure enough, I do. They also alleviate the problem with my aging eyes, of not being able to focus at multiple distances so well.




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              Magnaporting ....

              I had my M329PD Magnaported, and, like BrownBear says, it makes the gun much more controllable. It makes double action vastly more useful, by virtually eliminating muzzle jump. A good investment.


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                Rough Country sights, from Bowen Classic Arms, might be worth a look. I've been kicking around the idea of putting them on my Redhawk.
                Really nice looking Smith, by the way. Should've never traded off the one I had about 15 years ago.



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                  Fireman ....

                  I've put a Bowen/Rough Country rear sight on my M329PD ... shallow-V w/ white post ... seems fine to me so far. Still getting used to the 'new' sight picture. The sight itself is very nice; much better than the S&W original.


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                    That is one beautiful revolver!


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                      What brand are those grips. Those are nice.


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                        They are the standard wood grips that come on the 329 smith. I have just refinished mine a few times because they get so scratched up while riding 4 wheeler and such while wearing it on my chest.


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                          Nice job! Looks good, bud.


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