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  • Blow guns

    Any of you tried them? I'm pretty deadly at close range. Can take a date off a calender at 10 paces,lol

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    A friend and I used to use them to shoot squirrels and hares in town back when we were in junior high. They were very accurate and worked well if you made head shots. Occassionally we would pin a squirrel to a tree with a body shot, bu that was rare. We had a lot of fun shooting them in the garage during the winter time. It is surprising how good you get with them. I had a 4.5 footer and a 6 footer. Good times.
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      Blow gun

      We like to set a can out and bet who can pin it first. Funny, the nephews usually take me for some cash!


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        Cold Steel .625 Magnum

        Bought my son and I a couple Cold Steel (Yeah the knife manufacturer) .625 dia aluminum blowguns with a variety of darts. We have fun inside target prcticing and competing and have killed squirrels and a couple rabbits with them. Great entertainment and fun to shoot, plus you can never spend enough time with your kids.


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          I made one that was 72" long and killed a lot of squirrels,rabbits and other critters. I wish I still had it but its at my dads house. They can be very accurate and deadly.


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            I had one too and I was amazed at the accuracy of it.


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              Crawford Hiking Staff w/ Blow gun

              My wife bought me this gadget a couple of years ago. I love it. It can be broken down and holds 6 blow darts that are sharp and strong. I use this hiking staff every time I go in the woods. It's too expensive in my eyes, but my wife stumbled upon on the web and she payed for it so no sweet off my back.



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