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  • 9.3 sisk

    what is this cartridge? I heard it somewhere but I can't find anything about it.

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    Go to Charlie's web site and get his number and call him.


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      I believe it is the 8mm Rem Mag brass necked up to accept 9.3mm bullets, but Mr. Sisk also experimented with necking up the 350 Rem Mag. Either way, he missed using the most practical brass in my opinion, which is necking up the 338 Win Mag. My rifle in that wildcat (9.3-338) is next on my gunsmith's list for me, but since he has been moose hunting for two weeks, I don't expect to acutally be able to test it before next summer.

      Now that Ruger has announced the 375 Ruger, if I was going to neck up or down any magnum, I would wait on the Ruger brass.



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        It is on the RUM case and the short version of it is built on the 325 WSM case.

        3000 FPS with a 286 grain bullet from the 9.3 Sisk Ultra Magnum.

        Midway sells brass for it.


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          9.3 Sisk, 9.3 Barnes-Sisk, 9.3 Ultra Short & Long, Etc.

          The initial question was what is the 9.3 Sisk.

          The following email from Charlie Sisk answers the question, and also the questions not asked. So, it is interesting to know that someone experimented with the Ultra Mag necked up to 9.3, and the WSM necked up too, it seems inevitable, but these wildcats are not the same as the 9.3 Sisk or the 9.3 Barnes Sisk.

          In other words, if you ordered the brass from Midway, it would not be the Ultra Mag or the WSM as basis brass. The Sisk and The Barnes Sisk has a belt, and the head is .532.


          The 9.3 Sisk is the 8mm Rem mag necked up to 9.3.

          9.3 BS is the 350 Rem mag necked up to 9.3.


          ashley <> wrote:

          What is the 9.3 Sisk? What brass is the basis?I see midway offers brass from Quality cartridges, 9.3 Sisk, and 9.3 Barnes-Sisk.
          What’s the difference?



          Charlie Sisk
          Sisk Rifles
          400 County Road 2340 Dayton, Texas 77535
          936-258-4984 shop 936-258-5072 fax


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            In this thread you will find comments by Charlie on the 9.3 Sisk Ultra Mag


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              My point is that you are not answering the question correctly, but in fact confusing the issue. There is a distinct difference in the base brass used. The 9.3 Sisk uses 8mm Rem Mag Brass; the 9.3 Barnes Sisk uses the 350 Rem Mag brass; the 9.3 RUM uses Remington Ultra Mag Brass, and the other one you mentioned uses the Winchester Short Mag brass.

              They all may have the Sisk name associated with them, but they use different brass as a basis., and none of them use the standatd 2.5" belted brass, as used in the .338 Win Mag.



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                The question was information on the 9.3 Sisk. Not any specific 9.3 Sisk.


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                  The question was 9.3 Sisk - specific.
                  The 9.3 Sisk is specifically the 8mm Rem Mag necked up to accept 9.3mm bullets. The other 9.3 wildcats associated with the Sisk name have another adjective attached to them, namely Barnes-Sisk, RUM, or WSM.

                  I can't make it any clearer.

                  The answers you gave is a fine example of how people become or remain confused, with the lack of specifics, or distinction. Cartridge designations can be confusing - even to experts.

                  Try ordering 9.3 Sisk brass from Quality Cartridge, or Midway, and see if they are specific enough to send the correct brass, or maybe they will choose randomly to send one of the four choices we have discussed, or maybe they will send one of each?

                  Not to be offensive, just specific.



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                    Originally posted by Kabluewy View Post

                    The answers you gave is a fine example of how people become or remain confused, with the lack of specifics, or distinction.


                    Then your reference to using 350 Remington Mag brass was just to add too the confusion?


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                      This is getting to the point of seeming like two women arguing, and insisting on having the last word.

                      OK - this is my last word on the subject - go ahead and argue with yourself, or anyone but me.

                      The point of saying something about the 350 brass was to give distinctions so a reader - others, and maybe you, will know the difference between the four variants we have discussed. It's not only interesting, but maybe important to some people other than me.

                      I suppose by your logic, Charlie added confusion when he was specific saying that he used the 350 Rem Brass for the 9.3 Barnes- Sisk?

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                        9.3 Sisk somethingerother

                        Allen, I want to offer to you a public token of good natured appology. I'm a bit fiesty today, but not so much so that I want to get into a pissing match.

                        There are very few times on these subjects when I actually know enough true stuff to be more than half-way informed. My small puney little ego sometimes gets me going when presented directly with stuff skewed or contrary to something I think I know. To me, it's a risk posting something I think I know to be fact on these forums, because obviously I don't know everything. I try to be careful with my wording. I'm willing to be contridicted and learn something new, but it has to be well founded stuff, not blunder.

                        I thought I was being nice by saying that you were not answering the question correctly.

                        Hope you accept my token of good natured bantering.



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                          There were some guys from the south on this board earlier who wildcat the same cartridge, calling it the 9.3x72 Belted. Imagine, 300 gr. Swift (SD 330) @ 2700! That's pretty sweet.


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                            9.3 metricats

                            If speed is the goal, then the 416 Rigby case would give plenty with the 300gr 9.3 Swift.

                            But there are several considerations besides speed.

                            First, how much is actually useful? The 9.3x62 has proven very useful for a long time, at about 2300 fps with a 286gr bullet.

                            Second is the action which will feed the cartridge. It's much easier to get a standard length cartridge to feed in a standard length action, and the actions are much more available, and generally require no modifications. I'm talking about approximately 2.5" brass, such as 30-06 or 338 WM, or the new 375 Ruger.

                            Sure, most anything can be done, but after all, what do the various 9.3 wildcats in this thread offer in real useful performance, that a 375 H&H can't do with factory ammo?

                            That said, I have a 9.3x338 wildcat in process, and don't regret it, but if I were to do it again, I would wait and use the 375 Ruger brass as a basis.



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                              This old boy from down south was not familiar with Mr. Sisk's work with the 9.3 wildcats, but I will applaud him. My initial exposure with the CZ550FS in the standard 9.3X62 furnished me with a great appreciation for the terminal ballistics of the 9.3 and since I was a 8 mag freak anyway, the next logical step was a simple hundred dollar reboring job. The standard Remington Mag. bbl. has plenty of room for the 0.043 (actually slightly less) amount of steel to be removed and a 1:12 twist added. Accuracy is great -still has original
                              iron sights and until you look at the hole in the end of the barrel, cannot tell the difference. 8 mag brass fire forms or necks up simply. I load mine with a neck sizer in 9.3 and body sizer in 416 Rem. Or you can pay 128.00 for a custom die from RCBS. I did have the barrel stamped 9.3 in place of the
                              8mm stamping--it actually reads 9.3 Rem Mag now-but the 9.3X72B designation says it without confusion. And yes, the 300gr @ 2700 fps is a freight train!


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