Rail guns, not to be confused with the electromagnetic version was something I was reading about years ago than forgot until now.

I have aquired a 6mm Remington or .244 Remington if you were a Mod. 722 fan

Anyway, It's a 57mm mauser case with a 6mm bullet and it's fast and flat shooting as ballistics will tell you.

this barrel is for a large ring Mauser action
24in length 1.25 outer diameter straight taper and it's micro-grooved 1-12" rifling.

I will build this with a good action when I can find another that fancies my taste. I plan on using a single shot follower, Timney Trigger and the usual upgrades found on a nice custom mauser. Only this one will be without a traditional stock.

Has anyone outthere in our Great Land of Alaska seen, built or experienced one of these atypical benchrest guns?

I would like to hear anything about it good or bad...