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  • And so it begins

    We all know the move to disarm civilians is coming, but it can't be done without the propoganda arm of the Socialist. The propoganda will come fast and furious it has already started. Miami Mayor and Police cheif call for Obama to ban guns.

    support the NRA

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    And they're smarter, smoother, and tell a better story this time...

    Pretty compelling statictics case they make there, sure hope someone in the NRA is pulling stats for how many lives have been spared or home assults deterred from someone having an AK47

    I guess since I dont own an AK47 I can take my NRA membership back right?

    We're going to have to be very cagy and well informed to keep this thing from going way over the top...

    Maybe we should start placing AK47's in glass boxes on each street corner? You know "in case of emergency, please break glass..."

    Of course, I'm the guy who said on the day after sept 11 we could have reopened all the airlines with a box cutter knive in each seatback on every airliner in America and saved ourselves the expense and hassles of the TSA and so on... Obviously nobody listened then either!:confused:


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      Hmm...I didn't see anything.
      Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence. Albert Einstein

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        Only one honest crime report

        Believe it or not, the annual FBI crime report is the only one that is reliable. Guess they have a lot of efficient pencil pushers there. I don't believe the statistics shown on the video are naything but propaganda. Besides, are the riminals gonna give up their "assault" weapons? As far as I know, the Clinton ban, as with so many other gun laws and control, didn't do much to alleviate crime. When the ban was lifted, there was no major increase in crime.
        Besides, no offense to Florida, but the miami area has very heavy crime and gang problems. Could that be the reason for the AK-47s used there? I know, singing to the choir. But it is coming. The way Obama is already making changes in an almost subversively low key manner, it may happen before we know it. Wonder what itss going to be like for so many of us becoming instant outlaws.


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          Where can I find the FBI crime report you mention?

          Is it broken down to where we could see the Florida Stats to disprove their report?

          Thanks, Chris


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