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  • owning class three weapons in Anchorage

    I will be retiring to Anchorage in about 18 months and I am wondering if there are any class three dealers who frequent this forum. I'm also interested in whether there are a lot of hassles with owning class three weapons in Anchorage, i.e., how does local law enforcement feel about them?

    I owned quite a few class three weapons when I lived in Oregon in the 1980's, but I have not kept up on the law for quite some time. Has the transfer tax increased?

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    I don't know anything about the Anchorage part of your question, but it is my understanding that the taxes are mandated by National Firearms Act and can't change without an act of congress.


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      APD makes you jump through hoops but its doable. Some folks use corporations (the well heeled folks) others use trusts. Most of the cans and SBRs we do go to either of the above.


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        You can go to www.LegalZoom.com and incorporate for $800.00 and you don't have to include APD at all.
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          Originally posted by Nitroman View Post
          You can go to www.LegalZoom.com and incorporate for $800.00 and you don't have to include APD at all.
          how does that help you?
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            There is an exemption in the law for incorporated businesses that they donít need the letter from local law enforcement. Go to ATF web site to find the law on full auto and burst fire ownership.
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