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  • rifled choke tubes

    Anyone ever use rifled choke tubes to shoot slugs through? Just wondering if it would be better to shoot rifled slugs in a cylinder bore or use a rifled choke tube with sabot slugs.

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    rifled tubes

    I thought I would get better results using a rifled tube one time so I started shooting slugs through them and, man talk about dissapointed. My groups at 50 yds were actually larger than when it was cyl bore. I spoke with my gunsmithing instructor about it and he said that since a slug kinda bounces down the bore of a shotgun that when it hits the lands and has spin imparted upon it it may be off center and therefore spins out of balance, which lets centrifugal force pull it out to the side in an ever widening spiral. So my opinion is that you would be better off either sticking with the cyl bbl or buying a fully rifled on if its available.


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      use bernneke slugs with the felt wadding that is attatched to them. These work the best. The British developed the system (duplex) and used it with great success in Africa. I have a Stevens 20 g. side by side that I am making a poor mans double out of using this system.


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        I put one in my 870 with some bolt-on Williams sights back in the Wisco Whitetail days....it shot great groups (with sabot slugs) up to 90 yards but it took windage after that. The brenneckes should shoot through it fine as well.

        You can shoot he foster slugs through it but don't expect anything remarkable. But, they can help get you on the paper for much cheaper than sabots.

        I thought it worked great, and for 60 bucks (sights and tube) I had a gun that shot as well as a 180 dollar barrel. (but i was in college then and cash was tight)


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