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    Sticking with guns I currently have, the rifle would be a .300 H&H Ackley Improved, and the handgun would be a 4" .45 Colt Redhawk.

    Second choices would be a .375 H&H browning A-Bolt and a stainless 4" Security Six.


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      Originally posted by Smitty of the North View Post
      OKKKKKK, let's make it "3" rifles, 3 handguns, and 3 Shootguns, OR however many of each you think you can afford.

      Every citizen of at least 21 years of age, will receive a Federal Tax Credit of $200 each year provided he, or she, can verify the purchase of firearm ammunition, handloading components, or handloading tools during that taxable year.

      Formal Training in the use of firearms, and Membership in, or use of, a gun range, or other shooting facility will also qualify for the credit.

      The purpose of this Tax Credit is to promote shooting, training, and therefore, proficiency in the use of firearms, for public safety, and to insure a free populous.

      State of Local Governments that have laws that obviate, or otherwise impede these purposes will be required to pay these credits out of their own budgets without reimbursement from the Federal Government, until such time they remove these laws from their books.

      Smitty of the North
      MY wife would like that; She ain't lettin' no credit go to waste, I might just wind up with a larger battery. LOL :cool:


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        I did that once

        I had only the 870 and the Stainless convertible 22. Oh wait..and the .45 and the .38 and...oh well, I thought I was there once. I could try but somehow I really don't think it would last too long. I would start with the 870 (a rifled barrel and the vent rib) and the 45 though.


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          Stainless Steel Marlin Guide Gun .45-70 GOVT

          Stainless Steel Ruger MK II .22 LR

          I believe Jeff Cooper once said all we need is a .30-06/.308 and a .22 LR!
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            If Just 2, CZ 9.3 x 62 and 1911, .45ACP

            But I know a guy with a Brno with 7x57 over a 12 gage. I would have one with a 9.3 over the 12

            Or to be too clever, a drilling so i can have my 9.3, a 12 and my .22 rimfire.


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