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    Sad world that I can only have 2 guns, Id need to take my 2 out hunting for more guns at some point!

    1> My Winchester model 88 in 308
    2> S&W 460V
    If 3 I would also add the 12 gage, it would be my Mossberg 500 long tube pump.

    Fact is if I could have just one the 12 gage is the best all round choice, even if its not as fun.

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      If it came down to a gov that would do that sort of thing then the S might be hitting the Fan so I'd have to go with my STG-58 and 1911 for self defense. If it was by my own choice and all was well in the world, then probably my 338 Tikka for hunting, and my 1911 for self defense. I figure small game could be trapped, so less need for a 22lr. (plus I dont have one I like yet)

      Edit: Is this only for guns we currently own, or can we pick guns we dont currently own?
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        2 guns...

        M1A springfield
        sig p220


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          30-06 and a
          500 S&W
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            OK, I'll play your silly game.

            Obviously, a man needs more than 2 guns, because there are more than 2 categories of need, and enjoyment.

            BUT, If I were faced with the choice, of keeping only 2 guns that I already own, I would have to choose the ones that have the highest priority as to need.

            Those needs would be, self defense, and hunting.

            Therefore, mine would have to be my 38 Special for self defense and my 280 Rem. for hunting,

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              Take where?

              12 gauge pump - works for ptarms to bear to bad people
              45acp - if you insist I take a second.


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                Easy choice for me, Remington 870 7-shot synthetic for the long gun, Springfield XDM .40 full size for the pistol.

                The Remington covers killing of any animal in North America, large or small. Can throw either a short slug barrel or a rifled long barrel depending on what I need it for. (didn't say I couldn't have more than 1 barrel per gun!)

                The Springfield shoots a powerful round, holds lots of bullets, lasts a long time, and is not overly large as to not be concealable. Fits the bill for what I would ever want a pistol to do.


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                  45/70 gg
                  454 srh


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                    Rem. 870, 12 g.

                    Para Ordance P-14, .45

                    I never could stop with just two though. That just seems so unnatural.


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                      I'd take my .340 Weatherby 160gr-300gr will get it all done.

                      My .45 LC Ruger Bisley as a sidearm.


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                        Only two guns? Ok, Lets go with a savage bolt gun, three bolt heads, about thirty barrels of different calibers and TC encore with another couple dozen barrels. There, only two guns, and I'm still not happy, as I still need some lever guns and some revolvers and a couple of semi auto pistols.


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                          I agree totally Smitty, I have more than I need but not as many as I want!

                          I picked guns I own and would be able to survive with and defend myself with if I had to just up and bug-out into the hills.

                          16" AR-10 in .308 because I know the weapon well, ammo is everywhere, and it will do the job. If not with the first shot, then I have 19 more to follow-up with!

                          .22mag 351pd because I just like the magnum better than the long rifle round in a pistol, the gun only weighs ten ounces, and I could carry lots of ammo easily. FMJ rounds so my meat insn't damaged as much.

                          I get bored and just have to think about these things sometimes, I know you guys do too. It is neat to see the wide variety of what everyone would take, thanks guys.

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                            I was waiting for a T/C or savage switch barrel idea, cheater!



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                              Bm M4,SIG 239 9MM


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                                Hey. Cheat to win. And if it comes to bug out time, and I need an assualt rifle, I'll get one from someone that doesn't need it anymore. Even if I have to make him not need it anymore. There are no second place winners!!! In the mean time a couple of switch barrels and a bunch of barrels would get me by.


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