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  • .17HMR Barrel Diameter

    Okay, maybe I'm just missing something here, but why in the world does the outside barrel diameter of my Marlin and all the other 17HMR's I've observed have to be so huge!??? It's bigger and heavier than my .375!!

    Even with the ballistics, I see no reason why you couldn't get a 17 with a barrel comparable to a 10/22.

    What am I missing? I'd like to enjoy my 17 without chopping the barrel down to 18" or having to lug around 9 lbs of steel for a plinker!

    With that said, how detrimental would it be to have a 18" 17hmr??

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    My guess is that they're intended to be short to medium range varmint guns where the shooters are going to be stationary for the most part.

    I don't have a problem with it. I have a heavy-barrel, lefty Savage 93 in 17 HMR outfitted with a bipod. It's used on fox calling stands most often and the occasional tundra rat.

    If you want a lighter barreled .17 HMR, both Mossberg and Henry make them.
    Now what ?


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      That sort of makes sense I guess, I just don't see how it's such an advantage to consistently be larger compared to other calibers. And how much does it *really* increase accuracy - over 1 MOA per 100 yards?? I don't think so...

      I should probably have posted this on the new gunsmithing forum. I think you're right Steve, just to me it doesn't justify the 70% increase in weight for this one caliber. I haven't see .270's available in a barrel where the sidewalls are more than double the thickness of the diameter of the bore.


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