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Gun laws for 19 year old

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  • Gun laws for 19 year old

    Alright guys, my dad has been really bugged about not knowing much of the laws on guns, and thinks I am committing a felony each time I have the gun with me.

    I would like to clear some things up, and hopefully some of you can lead me to a good site or answers, with factual research.

    I need to know the laws about havin a gun in the vehicle...

    Transporting guns...

    and shooting..


    I occasionally carry my gun in a travel case, with two mags, one loaded, both out of the gun, no rounds in the gun. The case is usually in my backpack or just in the truck..Sometimes I just walk around with my backpack with the gun in its case as is this concealed carry, or am I legal?

    I heard on 660am, it is legal to have a gun in a travel case, and even in a backpack and its not considered concealed carry..

    I need to know if it is okay to have the gun with me in my bacpack, and in my truck.

    Also, the Fairbanks indoor range has requested me and a friend to get parental signatures from the "owners" of our handguns to shoot Our guns. We both are 19, and bought these guns ourselves, well I did, and my friends dad bought his for him. The guy told us to get signatures but I am the owner so I dont understand why I would need a signature from someone else who doesnt own the gun..

    Well if anyone can help Id appreciate it, thanks

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    You don't need signatures. Like you said, the gun is yours.

    You can carry the way you are, it's not technically "carrying" if you have it unloaded in a carry-case, your "transporting" it. Carrying the backpack around w/the gun in it could "maybe" be made a case of CCing, but I'm not sure. You can carry your pistol wherever you want so long as it is not concealed, loaded if you want, provided you follow state law. (No school, post offices, day-care centers, bars, restauraunts that serve alcohol, etc.)

    You might want to check out I'm the same age as you and the guys on there have a good amount of access to state/fed. law regarding carry and what is legal at our age.



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      It is my understanding that it is leagal to conceal carry in Ak without a permit. Obviously no schools/daycares, bars, banks, etc.


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        You cannot legally buy, posses, transport or carry concealed or otherwise, any handgun, anywhere, until you are 21 years old.

        Edit: You cannot buy from an FFL holder until 21. And you cannot cary concealed until 21. There rest is unclear an I've not found any specific law regarding the 18 to 21 years old and handguns.

        If the gun belonged to your dad he could give you permission to use it, in writing but you could not carry it (CCW) until you are 21.

        Alaska Statute 11.61.220 allows anyone 21 or older, who may legally carry a firearm to also carry it concealed without having to obtain a special permit. The possession of a firearm at courthouses, school yards, bars and domestic violence shelters will continue to be prohibited. Alaskans may obtain a concealed carry permit if they want reciprocity with other states.

        A person 21 or older may be charged with Misconduct involving Weapons in the 5th degree under AS 11.61.220 if s/he
        • fails to immediately inform a peace officer that s/he is carrying a concealed handgun
        • fails to allow the officer to secure the weapon or fails to secure the weapon at the direction of the peace officer, or
        • carries the weapon concealed within another person's residence, unless s/he has first obtained the express permission of an adult residing there, whether or not the person has a concealed handgun permit.
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          It is legal to buy a handgun from a private dealer, I dont know what your talkng about Murphy. It is illegal to buy from a licensed dealer but bbuying from a private individual is perfectly legal, just like a gun show.

          I can possess a handgun. I just can not carry concealed


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            Illegal under 21 to purchase a handgun anywhere private or a store.Also illegal to give or sell someone under 21 a handgun without parnets OK and written proof.
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              It's ALL "perfectly legal" if you of the correct age. 21 for handguns i.e. pistols and revolvers. 18 for long guns i.e. rifles.
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                Yes indeed………… welcome to the injustice of age discrimination! Go ahead and strap on a uniform to protect our collective freedoms, feel free to vote, but stay the heck away from our booze and hand guns……… and for crying out loud….. don’t even think about trying to rent a car until you’re at least 25!:rolleyes:

                As utterly idiotic and nonsensical as the law may be, I am afraid that your Pa is correct and that you are routinely running afoul of the law young man. My suggestion to you would be to put that handgun back in the safe for another 2 years and leave it there unless you plan on being in the company of your father.

                Yes I know how stupid that sounds and how bad it sucks……. I was in fact 19 myself at one time! But I can tell you from personal experience that law enforcement types are extremely touchy when it comes to hand guns in cars or on your person. Get stopped for something stupid like a burnt out tail light and they find that gun, I can promise you that things will go from bad to worse to jail in about 30 minutes…… Then you will be learning all kinds of neat stuff, like how bail bondsman charge 10%, or that they don’t hold bail hearings on Fridays, and what your Dad’s expression looks like when he hears that he will have to put his house up for collateral to get you out of the pokey……

                Pay your dues, wait it out and play it safe. God willing, you got a lot more years ahead of you than you have behind you, and in a few years this will all seem like a silly little inconvenience.
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                  Excellent words for this young man Alangaq and others.

                  These guys are indeed correct jduvall89...sad but true. I'm impressed with you asking about the law. No did the right thing to ask. Unfortunately, the answers aren't what you were hoping to hear, but the answers are the best thing that could have happened for you right now. If you get caught illegally possessing a firearm, it will mess you up down the road when you are old enough to legally buy and possess a hand-gun. "Misconduct involving a weapon" or "Illegal possession of a firearm" look bad on a permanent record. Use the next couple of years to research the laws even more thoroughly...they are even more complicated, which you are learning. Also, practice pistol shooting at the range (with a letter in your back-pack) should be a pretty darn good shot when you turn 21.

                  It will be easier to admit to your dad that he was right, than to ask him to bail you out of jail.


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                    You guys are all goofed. Go look at the actual laws.

                    21- Fed. law to buy handguns, handgun ammo, powder and primers from FFL. ( Here's the link to the YHSA, notice how it says "juvinile" and "18": )

                    18- Fed law to buy long/shot guns. State law allows purchase/possession/transportation of "firearms" (NOT long guns or shotguns. "firearms")

                    If you actually had to be 21 to buy a handgun from a non-FFL up here, do y'all have ANY idea how many people would be in violation?



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                      And here I bought my first 44 mag revolver (an old model 29) from my shop teacher, at school , the same week I got my drivers license (16 years old that week).
                      Of course I also had handloading class as an elective in High School.

                      Man we have become whimp-a-fied....
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                        Originally posted by Float Pilot View Post
                        And here I bought my first 44 mag revolver (an old model 29) from my shop teacher, at school , the same week I got my drivers license (16 years old that week).
                        Of course I also had handloading class as an elective in High School.

                        Man we have become whimp-a-fied....
                        You got to take handloading as an elective in high school?:eek:

                        No fair!! I would have paid through the nose to have a chance to take handloading in high school.

                        Lucky old people:rolleyes:



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                          I dont understand what is going on, I asked for the laws and have been responded with other peoples thoughts, and some who actually have the facts. I appreciate all the posts but I am lookin for actualy laws,statutes. FOr the guys who have given me those, I appreciate it even more. I found some of the laws myself and IT IS LEGAL to own a handgun if you 18 and above. It is LEGAL to transport the gun as well. I won't be as careless anymore about it,taking it everywhere i go, becasue I have just found out some people really have no clue about the laws and like to take their own views into consideration and make a deal out of it.

                          I will just call the federal office, thanks guys


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                            I deleted the above post because of comments made about other posters and state employees, even though there was some good info in the post.
                            Try again.

                            I will be the first to admit that I could be wrong about some of this. I've been looking for correct answers in Alaska law for a few days now, started from another post and I'm still looking.

                            There is little doubt that the transfer of a concealable firearm (handgun) to a minor (under 18) is in violation of the law. Also the same could be said for anyone under 21 carrying a concealed handgun. That grey area between the 18th and 21st birthday has not been found and adequately covered to explain if posession (in any capacity other than concealed carry) would be in violation of Alaska state statute.

                            So to the 19 old poster here I'll offer an apology if I made it seem as though you couldn't transport a gun. That doesn't mean it is legal, its just that I don't know it to be illegal. A loaded gun carried in a back pack may be considered concealed carry, however.

                            State run ranges may have rules (or state statutes) that prevent them from allowing persons under 21 from shooting a handgun at that range. I don't know the answer to that either but it would be wrong to try to bully your way into a state run range just because you think your right and they are wrong.

                            I fail to see why you want to carry your handgun around with you (except to transport to a range or to hunt) concealed carry by under 21 is pretty specifically prohibited.
                            Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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                              Originally posted by Netpackrat
                              Edit: Flame rule.

                              Netpackrat has it spot on, however there are a few state laws that allow you to CC if out and about in the bush- fishing hiking hunting, etc.

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