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  • Stock for Win Mod 70

    I am looking for a synthetic stock for a Win model 70 long action. I would like to have a blind magazine that holds 4 rounds for a .338WM. Does anybody know of a stock maker that has something like this?

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    McMillen Winchester Safari stock...

    McMillen lists this stock for the Model 70 using the Sunny Hill drop box magazine. Kinda pricey stuff, at least on my budget...scroll down, it's the sixth from the top.


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      The McMillen isn't a blind magazine. Sorry.


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        Win LA synth stock

        You can get a Hogue overmolded stock for the Win long action. They're a pretty nice stock without that hollow knocking sound the hollow butt stocks often have. Then, there's always McMillan and H.S. Precision.


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          Hogue Overmolded

          I have the Hogue Overmolded stock with aluminum pillar bedding on my M70 338 and it's great. It's VERY quiet when comparing to all other stocks, especially the higher priced stocks. They sound like an empty 5 gallon bucket to me. The rubber overcoating is extremely durable and NOT slippery at all when wet. They're about a 1/2 pound heavier than a Macmillan, but by saving over 150 bucks, I have no problems carrying the extra weight around. They run around $199.00. They're a great durable stock for the money. My .02.


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            Win. Stock

            I am not aware of a stock like that. I am sure someone would make you one if you have enough money. When I put my Mod. 70 .338 together I used Ted Blackburn's bottom metal in order to get 4 in the magazine. You do not have to worry about it opening on accident. I don't mean to sound like a know it all , but, if you ever have a problem with the rifle being able to dump the magazine from the bottom clears it in a hurry. The stock was put on by Bansners. Also replaced the extractor with a spring steel one. Did a bunch of other stuff to the gun and I love it. Weighs about 8 lbs. Ask Murphy about the pro's and con's of blind magazines. Good luck with your project.


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              Mod 70

              I have the Sunny Hill bottom metal and the Mcmillan stock for it with 4 down. I would be just as happy to have a blind magazine to eliminate the weight and simplify the rig-as long as I could get 4 in the blind mag. This is what Kimber does. The only draw back is that I would need the third screw on the trigger guard. Iím not sure if the third screw hurts the accuracy because it is putting a little strain in the middle of the action. Probably not a big deal for a hunting gun, but Iím particular about how things shoot. Thanks for the input.


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