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  • Kimber

    Looking at a new rifle, probably 300 WSM but maybe 325 WSM, I'm loooking over the ballistics.

    Does anyone have experience with the Kimber 8400 Montana, as far as accuracy, quality and durability. I'm also concerned with weight and this is the lightest thing I've found with exception to the Browning A-bolt.

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    Kimber 84M

    I own and use a Kimber 84M in 308. I have found it a pleasure to carry and also use. It is accurate and weighs in at 5.5 pounds without the scope. The main reason I like it is the CRF Bolt. The Kimber gets my vote! I'd probably consider the 325 wsm if buying one.


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      Kimber 8400

      I have a blue 8400 in 325 WSM. Recoil is not bad at all. Mine is quite a good shooter with the 200 Gr Accubonds factory load. The Montana is a little lighter but not much.


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        I just got a Montana in 325 WSM. It shoulders much like my synthetic Remington 597 22. I have reloading components on the way. I am going to stick with the heavy for caliber bullets, 200-220 gr.

        If I were going to hunt the lower 48 only then I would have gone with a 30 cal. Probably a 30-06. However my hopes are that this rifle gets some serious travel time.


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          Thanks for all the info, I am leaning toward the 300 WSM. It seems to have more options for reloading. Looking at the ballistics I found it seems that the 300 is a little flatter sooting, with downrange energy pretty close, as well as less recoil.


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            300WSM Montana

            I have three Montanas at present with many more in my past. I don't see a need for a 325WSM unless you plan to tangle with bears a lot. Even then I would go to 338WM. Anyway, the Montana is a fantastic rifle - about as weatherproof as can be. A lot of custom features starting with a kevlar stock,quality recoil pad, adjustable trigger, pillar bedded, free floated and a match barrel. A lot for $1K. Put a set of Tally Lightweights on it, don't overscope yourself and have fun. The recoil isn't all that bad. My 300WSM Montana weighs 6# 14oz. with the scope. A great carry rifle in a caliber good for everything except the big brownies.
            The smallest Montana I have is a 7mm-08. Its a great shooter at under 6#'s.
            If you get one you will never regret it.


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              I just bought a kimber 8400 montana in 300 WSM. I have always wanted to buy a kimber but every time I looked at one I talked myself out of it because of the price. But I was shopping for a light weight gun for a caribou hunt a couple of weeks ago when I saw this montana in 300 WSM. I finally took the leap and bought it. I took it out last weekend to sight it in and break in the bbl. I used factory ammo from federal (180 gr TSX and accubond) and was absolutely amazed at the accuracy from such a light gun. With factory ammo I was getting an honest 3/4" group from the accubonds and 1/2" from the TSX's. Recoil was a litle more than from my winchester featherweight in 300WSM but still tolerable. I am in the process of working up some handloads and am really excited to see how much more accurate this gun is going to get after customizing my owne ammo for it. I am definately a Kimber fan now and will never flinch at the price again.


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                Reloads for your Kimber

                Glad to hear you had a good first range experience. I too eyed them on the shelf and once I tried one, it was pretty hard to look at anything else. Anyway, I first reloaded H4831SC with 180 Partitions. Got up to 2920fps and had less than 1 MOA. As you are finding out, shoot your 3 shot string and then cycle to another rifle. The thinner barrel will heat up quicker than a standard barrel. More recently I went to H4350 with 150gr, 165gr, 168TSX and 180 gr. Partitions. This powder covers a wider range of weights tha H4831SC. Use magnum primers and tweak the OAL to suit your rifle.
                Keep us posted on your progress!


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                  Originally posted by outdsman View Post
                  Looking at a new rifle, probably 300 WSM but maybe 325 WSM, I'm loooking over the ballistics.

                  Does anyone have experience with the Kimber 8400 Montana, as far as accuracy, quality and durability. I'm also concerned with weight and this is the lightest thing I've found with exception to the Browning A-bolt.
                  Yeah matey, the 300 WSM in the Kimber is a flash smoke pole. The only time time I used a Browning A Bolt it was a poke in the hole after 3 days of stalking chital deer in Austruckingfalia. What a dog. Try the 200gn Accubonds in the Kimber, awesome on big game and great as a back-up on brownies. Good light gun, pretty darn good accuracy and a good walking stick on the steep shale.:cool:


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                    Lots of threads on this. I have a Montana 325. It's a great shooter factory load 200gr accubond sub moa. My first handloads with 220gr Gamkings are sub moa also. Actually there are quite a few 8mm (.323) bullets available for the 325 velocities. 180 and 200 gr TSX's, 200 gr accubonds and partitions, 200 and 220 gr Swift A- Frames, 220 gr Sierra Gamekings (originally designed for the 8mm Rem mag). Plus you can get 185 Rem corelokts and various other 150, 165 and 170 bullets.
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                      I have and do own both the A-Bolt in 300WSM and Kimber 8400 Montana in 30-06. The Kimber is buy far a better rifle in fit and finish, quality of barrel and my Kimber out shoots my A-Bolt in accuracy
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                        Montana for sure.

                        My vote goes with the Kimber as well. I have the Montana in .300wsm. I bought it a few years back and got sub MOA right out of the box with factory ammo. I've only used it on one hunt thus far (deer on Kodiak), but plan on seeing how she'll handle a moose (hopefully) in less than 2 weeks. I'm a big model 70 fan, but I think this Montana is my favorite rifle.


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                          My wife has a Montana in .300 WSM and I have one in .30-06. My wife took a 7 1/2 foot brown bear at about 100 yards with one shot from her Montana with a 200 grain TSX. When I initially bought her the Montana I was told it wouldn't handle long bullets well, but my wife's gun prefers them, specifically the 168 and 200 grain TSX bullets. Both guns are shooting right at MOA, but the barrels heat up quickly. The actions are nice and slick and feeding is exceptional, even in the fat WSM.
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                            300 wsm

                            I have a Win 70 in 300 WSM like the avaibility of the different bullets for the 30 cal. The load I use now is the Tipped TSX 168gr bullet with Reloader 17 @ 68.0 with Fed 215GM primers in FC Nickle Brass. Getting 3250 FPS......nice groups.

                            I beleve heavier bullets than the 180's rob case capacity of this short round........really like the 165/168 range of bullets. Wish I could fine some 165gr Fail Safe bullets.


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                              my kimber 8400 in 30-06 is very accurate, and a pleasure to carry and shoot.

                              in keeping with the lightweight theme i mounted a leupold m8 in 4X, and find it a great combination as a hunting rifle. in difficult hunting,weather, or range this rifle performs.

                              ** i lapped the lugs,carefully "broke-in" the barrel and tuned the trigger.
                              happy trails.


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