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    I recently got my barreled action back from Clearwater Reboring after having it bored and chambered to 9.3x62mm. When I got this rifle 20+yrs ago the barreled action was completely glassbedded to the stock. I removed all the bedding in the forearm back to 1" in front of the recoil lug recess. The action is still bedded. Before I button this thing up should I have crossbolts installed in the stock? Not the best stock in the world but it is paid for!http://photobucket

    Really APPRECIATE any advice.

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    If its bedded correctly and fits correctly, shouldnt be any need for crossbolts.


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      I wouldn't apologize for that stock.

      It looks great, and the comb and cheekpiece are functional features.

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        Be Sure to relieve the screwholes so that the screws dont put pressure on to stock under recoil. Just drill them slightly oversize and you should be fine. I once stocked a M70 in 458 Win in English walnut with no crossbolts and it has held up fine. Nice rifle, cool cal.


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          THANKS for the advice guys!


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            If the action is bedded, I wouldn'y worry.


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              Please give us range results. I am interested in a reboring job, but am afraid of not getting a good job. Hence, looking for a good gunsmith for the job.


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                It may be a while before I can shoot this rifle as I'm recovering from neck/disc surgery I had a month ago. There really aren't but a few shops that rebore and these two,from what my inquires show,are the TOP two:

                www.deltagunshop.com Jim Dubell (509)684-5855 tues-fri 10-1

                www.cutrifle.com Dan Pederson (928)772-4060

                Check out the web sites but if you decide to contact them make sure you call. It'll get you a quicker response.
                I'll also say that I inquired ALOT on forums about rebore experiences before deciding to get a rebore and will tell you I got no negative responses. GOOD LUCK!


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