cool rimfire find! Polish m48 trainer



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  • cool rimfire find! Polish m48 trainer

    Awhile back ago I was at the range with one of my good buddies. I cant rememember what happened if I ran out of ammo, gun broke or what, but I ran out of guns to shoot. Anyhow, Brian says "here why dont you try this out."

    What he handed me was another one of his clunky beechwood post war relics that he often gets ahold of. But at least it was in .22 LR.

    What he handed me was a Polish M48 trainer. Bolt action, single shot. It looks alot like a Mosin Nagant.

    He gave me a quick lesson on how you load it. See the cartridge rides on a little carrier. The extractor/bottom of the chamber. You can see the silver bar I circled in Blue. That bar is hooked to the bolt.

    So that out of the way, I began shooting. I really like the sights on the gun. Nice hooded front sight with a big prominent post. Rear sights were the elevation adjustable type with the meters stamped on.

    Trigger pull was pretty heavy but smooth. The guns heft of 8 lbs also helped to keep it steady on the bench.

    Oh yeah, this thing is quite the shooter also! Thumbnail groups at 25 yards were pretty easy to score. Ill admit that is about as far as Im good with open sights shooting for groups.

    I can still hit random targets pretty good though. So after confirming the gun could shoot, I began a little plinking session.

    It was alot of fun loading that shell in, taking a carefull shot, hitting the target, then with a swift pull of the bolt launching the empty up and over my head.

    And much to my suprise the meters stamped into the rear sight were spot on elevation wise. Im not sure if this was sure coincidence or if the sights and markings were designed specifically for the 22 long rifle.

    Anyway, this is one fun gun, built like a tank, and accurate to boot. So if you find one, you might want to take it home.

    I actually took mine out hunting today and bagged me a rabbit with it!

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    Good ol' rimfires...

    Couple more pics to contribute to the thread -

    Polish m-48 trainers are pretty cool eh? Tough as a tank, accurate, lotsa fun at the range & a game-getter in the field!!!

    Partnered up w/ the Remington M-581... made for a great afternoon Hare hunt.

    Hmmmm... Guess from now on it won't be just me haulin' those "clunky" relics 'round the shootin' bench and through the woods --- yet... I suppose not w/ you & those traditional smoke poles -

    Bunnies cleaned up last night & Dolly Char through the ice now filleted --- all in the fridge. Not exactly surf & turf. Something more to the tune of pond and woodlot.
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