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    I'm moving back to Alaska in November. Been gone 4 years; I was in the Interior from '92-'02, and knew of several places to go shoot, with no company and no charge. This time I'll be down around Anchorage, probably living near Palmer/Wasilla. Any good places to shoot? Both maintained ranges that charge, and just free public access land, or private with permission?

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    There are a couple of nice ranges I know of but not sure of the names.
    1. Potters Marsh, southside of Anchorage.
    2. Behind Birchwood Airport, north of Anchorage
    3. Relatively new, not quite as nice but appears functional between Wasilla and Talkeetna.
    4. I used to go out by the boat launch at the end of Knick Goose Bay road. Was a good place to shoot for free but some of our fellow gun owners don't mind shooting up things other than targets and have dumped/trashed the area, unfortunately.


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      The one at Potters March is Fish and Game's Rabbit Creek Range. Its 100 yards for rifle, about half the shooting positions are covered and the current cost foa aand adult is $7. There is also a annual pass. The one at the Birchwood Airport is Run by Isaac Walton League and has rifle up to 300 yards. All the rifle and pistol positions are covered. Last time I was there the cost was $10. There have been a number of free access promptu ranges closed down because of abuse.


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