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    Has anyone used the Barnes XLC 180 grain bullets on any animals yet? I hand loaded some loads up for my 300 WSM and took them moose hunting, shot a bull at about 100 yards twice in the neck and it went down instantly. I understand that the hollow point will do more damage than a soft point bullet but the whole neck was toast and when we skinned the moose there was blood under his skin all the way back to his butt due to the shock of the bullet. Is this normal for this bullet or is it just where I hit him. Great bullet/caliber combo for taking down an animal, but I'm not sure about using it anymore due to the destruction it does to the meat. Any commets would be appreciated.


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    I once shot a moose in the neck with a 300 win mag and 180 gr. nosler partitions. Same thing happened to the back straps, covered with blood from the neck to the tail. Must be the shock to the spine doing it. The meat was still fine on my moose, just had to scrape the jelly like blood off the backstraps. I have used the BXLC bullets on other animals and never had a serious damage problem.


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      I've shot a few blacktails and a wolf with 180 grain XLC's from an '06. All shots were through the lungs at distances of 150 to 200 (or a little more) yards. Didn't notice particularly wide spread tissue damage other than entry and exit areas...certainly didn't experience what you're describing. Perhaps the velocity difference between the two calibers may be a factor, but don't know. Also, I guess I don't usually aim for the neck (not that there's anything wrong at all with a neck shot), so I don't have a neck shot experience with the 180 XLC to share with you. Let's see what others have to say.


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        180 Gr XLC's

        I used 180 grain XLCs with Federal High Velocity ammo from my Win 70 .30-06 on three caribou - although I killed all three, wasn't impressed with the relative lack of expansion on my heart/lung shots, and the exit holes could have been larger in my I switched to different bullets. Maybe my experience was an anomaly, perhaps others have had better luck.

        Good hunting,



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