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  • 35 Whelen Question

    Hi Folks, I Sorta Hate To Ask This Question...cause I Know It Must Have Been Asked Many Times Before.....please Forgive Me Cause I'm New.
    i Have A 35 Whelen I Love. Shoots Great, Lightweight, You Name It....i'm Planning My First Alaskan Hunt And Want To Use The Whelen For Bear And Moose. Probably Inland Griz, But Maybe Brown. What Do You All Think? I'm Not A Reloader But Have Superior Ammunition Loading Several 225 Grainers To See What The Rifle Shoots Best (woodleigh, Nos Part, Triple Shock, Tbbc). Am I Being Silly? And Yes I Am The Guy That Was Asking About The 300 Weatherby For The Same Trip....fickeld

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    should work like a charm. NOt much up here that a good 225gr bullet won't kill.


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      A good 225 gr, no cup/core bullets, in the 35 whelen is a superb combination. There is nothing up here I wouldn't hunt with that combo. It shoots as flat as a 30-06 w/ 180's, and is about 30% more gun based on bullet weight and area. There are very, very few situations that call for more bullet or more velocity.

      If you're comfortable with the gun and have a good load, you're 80% of the way there, as you always do your best with equipment you're comfortable with.

      Make sure you are familiar with the anatomy of the game you're hunting, and place the shot accordingly.
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        Whelen vs 300 WBY...


        I would prefer the Whelen over the 300 Weatherby. A 225 partition or Swift A-frame would be just the ticket. Superior will load that, or the Nosler custom ammo with their bullets. You're doing it right, try them all and see what works best. Good shootin'.

        Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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          I Appreciate The Insight. Thanks Very Much. Matt


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            Hey if you were using the Whelen for backup, would you rather have 250-grains @ 2500 or 280-grains @ 2300?


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              Whelen Bullets


              I would use the 250 grains. A little more velocity down there is a good thing. It will be hard enough to get 2500 fps from the 250's but that is probably it and would be at it's best with the 250's. I'm a big fan of heavy bullets but also realize that the killing power of velocities above 2400 fps is noticeable in the field. That band of velocities from 2400-2800 fps is a good place to be. Bullets stay together well and a little extra zap works well.

              The Whelen is one of those calibers that takes game cleanly with little meat damage and has enough heft and cross sectional area to the bullets to be used for bad guys. A little practice to get used to the trajectory and it is a really good caliber for a do-all hunting rifle. In it's velocity range, just about any cheap core-lockt or interlocked bullets work well. Just move up to the premiums when you need extra penetration for quicker stops on tough toothy critters. I know several hunters who won't hunt with anything else.

              You'll like it if you hunt with it a while. Good shootin'.

              Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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