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    Just wondering if there is a price justification between the Thompson pro hunter barrels at 28" and their heavy SS barrels at 26". ( looking at 7mm Mag, 300 Win Mag, and maybe .338 Win Mag ) I understand that your getting an additional 2"s of length and that they're fluted, but how much difference does it really make? I know that most of you are trying to get your barrels shortened, but for my situation, going from 26 to 28 on the Thompson frame doesn't make that much difference to me. Just curious if they perform that much better, or if it's just a marketing ploy...


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    With the extra two inches, you will gain @150 fps. If the 28 in barrel is that much more expensive, I would stick with the 26. JMHO.


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      You will not gain 150 FPS going from 26" to 28". You will be lucky to gain 75 FPS in any one of those cartridges with the longer barrel. I have an Encore and only 3 of my barrels are 26" or longer(375 H&H, 25-06 and 257 STW) the 25-06 and 257STW are custom barrels from MGM and Van Horn, all the rest are 24" or less and am quite happy with the performance from them.


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        If you are going to get extra barrels for your Encore I would recommend getting one from a custom shop. In my experience, most barrels from T/C are good barrels but occassionally you'll get a dud that won't shoot well. I had one that would only shoot 4" groups at 100 yards. In T/C's opinion that meets their accuracy standard because that would be in the vitals on any big game. They would not exchange the barrel for me. If you go with a custom shop, in most cases, if it doesn't shoot MOA or very close to it they'll fix it. I'm a fan of MGM and just picked up a barrel from them. It's a .223 that is literally a tack driver at 100 yards.
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          Aftermarket bbls

          Bullberry (sp?) is supposed to make really impressive barrels per a co-worker (and Encore enthusiast) friend of mine. He is a silouette shooter and swears by their products.

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            Thanks for the info... I must have been one of the lucky ones when I ordered my .270 pistol barrel... shot my first MOA group today with it!


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              Encore custom barrels

              I am not familiar with MGM or Van Horn. Please provide some contact info.


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                MGM is Match Grade Machine. Former employees of Virgin Valley.


                Van Horn Custom Rifles.



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                  Encore fans

                  Just curious if any there are any other reviews of the Pro Hunter Barrels out there, it's been a little while since I posted on this last, and looking at getting another barrel. 22-250 or .223 at this time... any feedback?


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                    I'm in agreement with the others that have posted, 75fps is not worth the extra dough and the fluted barrels are not enough lighter than a bull barrel to make the diferance in price worth it. I strongly agree with the advice to check out MGM and Blueberry. If you really want a high preformance barrel thats the way to go!
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