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slug barrel or choked ok?

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  • slug barrel or choked ok?

    I just got a Beretta 391 Urika 12 ga. semi- auto with 5 chokes. Is it ok to use slugs with this barrel (and if so, which choke?), or should I get a slug barrel? I really wont be "hunting" with slugs (yet) But I would like to keep some slugs with me while im out bird hunting in case of bears and dont want to change barrels all the time. Which slugs would you recommend?

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    Usually an open choke is recommended. I've successfully shot them through a modified choke with out a problem but I won't shoot them through a full choke if I had a choice. A smooth bore slug barrel is an open choke. You don't need one for what you are doing but if you ever hunt with a shotgun, a rifled slug barrel with sabots is pretty accurate out to 100 yards or so. I'm from Ohio, a long time ago, and still go back and hunt, a shotgun with slugs is one of the very few options for deer hunting with a firearm.


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      You can run no choke tube, a cylinder bore choke tube if they include one (cylinder is full bore) or you can get a rifled choke tube which should give a slight improvement in accuracy.

      Some of the softer slugs can be run through a tighter choke, but IMHO, run no tube or a cylinder choke, or better yet a rifled choke.
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        Chokes and slugs

        The owners manual should talk about this. I also have a 391 and as I recall it says exactly what you can use with the chokes. If you can't locate the owners manual check online, I think you can down load the info.


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