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6.5 x 55 Ackley - is it safe on mauser '96 action?

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  • 6.5 x 55 Ackley - is it safe on mauser '96 action?

    I've heard of 6.5 x 55 Ackley's being built on mauser '96 actions.
    Would like to hear some feed back from you experienced swede shooters
    as to pros and cons of such it safe? yes/no......why/why not?


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    6.5 X 55 Ai


    There is absolutely no reason why a Swede model 96 rifle could not be used for an AI conversion.

    The AI versions of calibers do not operate at higher pressure than the parent caliber. This will be a handloading situation and should not be undertaken unless you are an experienced handloader, and standard precautions and procedures apply. There is no data available for it.

    There has been quite a bit written here by my self and others in regard to the Swede 96/38 rifles. Most of us agree it is an excellent rifle with more than enough strength for modern calibers.

    Now with all that said it must also be understood that any 100 year old rifle which was made for 45,000 psi cartridges of that era, should not be used at super magnum pressures. The AI version will afford a little more velocity at lower pressure because it enlarges the cartridge case and allows more powder with out an increase in pressure. Therefore the old Swede is a very good candidate for this project. A lot of technical knowledge and common sense come into play here and can be quite useful.

    Now my gut feeling is that since you had to ask, you're probably not ready for such a wildcat. You'll hear many tales about how the AI versions aren't worth the trouble and for some that is certainly true. If you want to experiment with something different and have the talent, you will find it a very rewarding and a good learning opportunity. Good shootin'.

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      take it in steps!

      Why not start out with the regular swede chambering. Use it to gather your brass for reloading then just have the chamber redone when you are ready?
      That way you still get a nice round to shoot in the meantime.......

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