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Sako AII Bolt Shroud

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  • Sako AII Bolt Shroud

    A question for some of the other Sako fans out there.

    I'm finally getting around to barrel a new Sako AII action, PAC-NOR is doing the barreling for those curios, anyway I would like the bolt shroud (rear piece on bolt covering tail of firing pin) to have the same finish as the action.

    So, after popping the firing pin and connected bolt shroud out of the bolt, I can't figure out how to separate the shroud from the firing pin and spring, so I can send the shroud off to have finished.

    I have a few Sako AII actions, and Sako actually made different versions of the bolt shroud. Judging by the serial #'s, this is one of the earlier AII actions. I'll be glad to send someone a very clear close up pic if that may explain things. By the way, Beretta could not help.

    Thanks to those responding.

    Dave G

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    Bolt Shroud..


    No, I don't know. I 've disassembled a couple of hundred Sako rifles. I have never taken that off the striker assembly. I have had several rifles refinished and they usually mask off the firing pin and main spring and the body of the bolt at my request and blue the rest. They will dip the back of the bolt and handle and shroud and it will match the rest of the finish.

    I was in the middle of stripping and cleaning an AV (long action) yesterday and went back and tried to take the shroud off. Don't know how to do it. I take the bolt apart to clean inside the bolt body and such but just clean inside that shroud (or bolt sleeve) with Q-tips and it has never been a problem. Let me know if you find a do-it-yourself way to get that off.

    Good shootin'.

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      Thanks for your response.

      I could see where the bolt shroud could only be blued as you describe, therefore no spring/firing pin finish issues.

      Since everything will be "in the white" I was considering an all weather type finish rather than bluing since everything had do be done anyway. I was considering a ROBAR finish. I have spoken to them, and apparently the want the shroud/pin/spring disassembled because the ROBAR application exposes the components to high heat, which they (ROBAR) tell me can damage the firing pin spring.

      So, another thought: Is there a quality weather resistant type finish that can be applied with the shroud on? I'm not sure about the teflon type finishes. ROBAR's Roguard is a molybdenum-disulfide based polymer finish.

      Considering the value of this rig so far, I don't want to send it to just anybody to finish, I want careful pros. Sounds like another post is in order.

      Thanks once again for your insights.



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