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What Recoil pad for Sako 338???

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  • What Recoil pad for Sako 338???

    I've got a Sako AV in 338 Win that has the factory Sako pad on wood stock, and it is loose and hard as a brick! Has anyone installed a good pad that is a close fit, and same/similiar LOP, so it won't take a lot of fitting to install?

    I've done some looking in the stores, but pre-fit pads don't seem to be available, or popular for the old Sako's.

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    I have no idea if they have one available for your rifle or not, but check out the Limbsaver recoil pad from Sims Vibration Lab. They're quite cushy!

    If you go to Sims website you can download and print off templates of their pads to search for one that matches well with your stock. They also have the grind to fit pads if none of their prefit pads match OR they have the slip on pads too.
    Here's their site Limb Saver Templates


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      KickEez also makes a very good recoil pad. They also have templates of their fitted pads and might have one close to the size you need.


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        It may be tough getting a cushy pad and wind up with the same LOP, you may have to shorten the stock, which would be a shame. A good McMillan stock may take up some of the recoil.

        By the way, I also have a .338 AV. It shot about 2.5" @ 100yds, but after I glass bedded it, same load was 1".


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          Sako pads


          I have several Sako rifles with the Pach. decellerator pads. Normal LOP for most Sako's is 13 3/4" and you will gain a 1/4" if you put on a 1" pad. If 14" LOP is too long it can be cut. I don't install mine I have it done at various smiths. Most here in town do a good job with it. Most are grind to fit. Any of these brands will be better than the hard brick on there now. There are prefit pads by Pachmeyer from Brownells. The new McMillan stocks come with a Pachmeyer decellerator pad installed. They have a stock which duplicates the Sako hunter stock and the classic (non-Monte Carlo) style. They are $425. It cost about $70. to have a pad installed.

          Good shootin'.

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