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Winchester and Browning Agreement

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  • Winchester and Browning Agreement

    Looks like Browning is going to be making rifles for Winchester...
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    All that means is that the same owners that ran it into bankruptcy will still be running it.


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      Could see this one comin'......

      FN owns both, “With this new agreement, Winchester is confident that Browning will produce innovative firearms worthy of the Winchester name, continuing a tradition that people around the world associate with the Winchester brand,”, and Charles Guevremont, President of Browning is equally optimistic and excited about the opportunity to continue the production and distribution of Winchester firearms. “We are more committed today than ever before to the development of exciting new Winchester firearms designs,” said Guevremont.
      Exciting new Winchester firearms designs? You mean like the ShortTrac BAR? Oops, I mean the Winchester SXR...Oh, and get a load of that really cool lookin' .22 bolt gun, the 'Wildcat'.
      I ain't holdin' my breath!


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        not impressed

        Sounds like insult to injury. Salt in the wound, You know what i mean.


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          I saw one of those new "Buck Rodgers" Winchester Autos. What a piece of second hand 'bou cudd. If that was the last "rifle" being made, I'd become a spear chucker.


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            I'm holding out in my hope that they'll keep the lever actions rolling out. While not up to "original" standards, both companies have brought out some oldies but goodies in recent years. My 86 from Browning is nothing to sneeze at, and I'm delighted with the new 25-35 Model 94 I got from Winchester last year- inspite of that stupid tang safety.

            How else are we going to find (and afford!) shooters in some of the older models and calibers if these two don't keep the ball rolling?
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            Merle Haggard


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              I agree

              with brownbear, browning has kept the 358 win. going and the 25/35 loading from winchester is also nice, if I still lived in PA. I would certainly have one on the gun rack for whitetails. I'm glad to see someone stepped forward and bought winchester as it would be a shame to see them close the doors and I think this joining will bring forth some good rifles for years to come.
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                This Browning guy, Guevremont, clearly is not a Winchester kind of guy. Talking about INNOVATIVE Winchester designs? Pfffftttttttt


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