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    Hey fellas, and ladies if your reading also. I have a Model 700 in a 30-06, blued, wood stock. I am thinking about having some custom work done on it. I have been looking at a couple of barells. Anyone have any thoughts or imputs on this? I would like to make it as light as possible. Don

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    Sheep Gun


    Have you checked out the Reminton mountain rifle line?
    My son purchased one in .280 Rem. It's light and well built.
    Could be a good basis for reference ideas on barrel length,
    contour, muzzel crown, etc. I like the way Remington designed the
    clip on his model.

    Just a thought.



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      Kriger Barrels turns a #0 Featherweight up to 20" 2lbs.
      To save more weight you might consider a light stock. Hi-Tec by bansners finishes at aprox. 20 oz. Lonewolf is a little lighter but I prefer Hi-tech.
      Good Luck
      DR B


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        The only thing I would do to your rifle is bed it slap in a new trigger put on a good scope and shoot the snot out of it. Hard to improve on near perfection.Horse


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          I also have a Model 700 30-06. I had been looking for an aftermarket trigger when I found a guy out of Wyoming that reworks the stock trigger. He will set your trigger to your desired pull weight after doing some work to the trigger components. I am very impressed with the difference. I had him put his custom springs in the trigger as well. Very smooth and short pull. Check out the website at He has pictures showing what he does to the different components. And definately can't beat the $35 he charges compared to a few hundred bucks for a jewell or timney trigger.


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