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  • Ammo question

    Mr Murphy and the group,

    I have 63 rounds of FMJ 30.06 match ammo headstamped FA 61 MATCH.

    I assume FA 61 means Federal 1961 and suspect it may be some of the 173 grain boattail ammo used in the Camp Perry matches but I dont know.

    I inherited my stepfather's sporterized 98 mauser and these rounds came with it.

    Any idea of their value? I don't need them and am considering selling. The rounds are in good shape--no corrosion on the brass, bullets and primers tight. Not looking to get rich just trying to get an idea of a fair asking price.

    Thanks in advance
    If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today

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    I would think that maybe, just maybe the FA means Frankford Arsenal. I could be wrong though as I never was into shooting Military ammo.


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      Fa ammo

      Allen is correct, FA means Frankford Arsenal. Interesting thing is, that current commercial ammo can be more accurate then military Match ammo. I wonder if you have experienced any split necks when firing this ammo, Erik? Ammo that old can get brittle.


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        Frankfort Arsenal Ammo...


        I don't know what the ammo is worth to collectors, my guess is not a lot.

        If yous ell it as collectable ammo one round at a time maybe a couple of bucks, I see stuff like that for sale on GB and AA sometimes.

        I would say from the stand point of shooting ammo it isn't too good.

        U.S. made ammo after 1952 was all non corrosive primed...except for some of the FA Match ammo. I don't know why and I don't know what years of manufacture but from several sources I'm told there was some FA match that was corrosive primed. It is still shootable, just clean well, soon.

        And, I think that was the 172 or 173 grain bullet, I have never pulled any of them, or if so I don't recall what they are.

        I agree with the others, Military match ammo was never very accurate for me and I always loaded my own. My scores went from 450's to 550's when I started rolling my own ammo for Hi-power rifle.

        What do you want to do with this ammo?

        BTW I have your ammo ready and I'm sure a big bruin awaits. Good shootin'.

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          Thanks for the heads up on my 220's

          I was sifting through my growing pile of outdoors stuff and eventually got to my ammo trunk. I have these rounds and was indifferent about shooting them since I rarely shoot anything but hunting ammo out of my .06. I can't hunt with this stuff and although my M70 isn't a punisher to shoot, I didn't feel like tenderizing my shoulder just to get rid of this I asked the question.

          I take you gents at your word--it's nothing I'll give it away or take the beating by shooting it.

          Either way thanks for the input!
          If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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