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Place to lease a shot gun in Anchorage or Kenai

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  • Place to lease a shot gun in Anchorage or Kenai

    Instead of dealing with the hassle of bringing a shotgun up to AK I was curious if there was any place in Cooper Landing, Sterling or Soldotna to rent a shot gun for the week. Any help is appreciated.

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    what do you need a shotgun so badly for a week?


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      SHot gun

      I'll be fishing the Kenai, Russian, Kasilof, Anchor. The gun is mostly for comfort !


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        "leasing" a shotgun

        I dson't know of any place where you could "lease" a shotgun or rifle for that matter. A matter of legalities, or rather, liability. You can buy a new Benelli Nova shotgun in Anchorage for just under $300.00 even as a non-resident and if someone did "lease" guns for a week, it probably would cost you that much. If you will be fishing amongst other people in close proximity, I don't recommend it, but that's just my 2 cents.


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          you can pick up a cheap pump gun for around $200 bucks that would do everything you need it to. A good head on your shouldersand being aware of your surroundings is much more bear protection than any shotgun could ever be.


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            Sports Authority has Maverick 3in mag pumps on sale for $149.


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              Is the ability of a non-resident to legally buy a gun in Alaska limited to only long guns - how about handguns ? Just curious - - Thanks - -


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                Federal law only allows residents of a state to buy handguns there, no out of state residents.
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                  All the rivers you just named are heavily fished during peak seasons and sometimes it is shoulder to shoulder. Trying to carry a scattergun while combat fishing would be a real pain in the butt. A big can of bear spray would be much easier to shove in a big pocket.
                  The fishable part of the Anchor River is very populated these days. You would have a better chance of having your scattergun stolen by the local teenagers than or ever seeing a bear around here.

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