New to Chugiak and have a few questions



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  • New to Chugiak and have a few questions

    I just moved up here last month. I have been past the Birchwood Range, any fees? who do you see to shoot or become a member?

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    Fees are cuyrrently $10. Go to the little office where you sign in, you drive past the trap and skeet ranges and its there on the left, and they can give you all the information about becoming a member. It can sometimes get crowded but having a 300 yard range is a great advantage.


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      I think I pay 175 a year for an EPM membership which permits me shoot at the range even on the days they are closed. Once you purchase the EPM membership you can also take a family member and shoot for free also. Using the range while they are closed is worth more than you can possibly realize. EPM members do not pay any other range fee's beyond there membership fee unless you are into trap or skeet.


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        Thanks guys, I'll be checking it out

        It will take some getting used to, having to pay to shoot. I had a 200 yrd range and pistol range out my back door. The only problem was its in NY!! The yearly membership doesn't sound bad, well worth it to get out of NY!


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          family of EPM

          You can no longer take a family member even if you are an EPM member free of change b/o insurance coverage...much to my chagrin!
          "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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