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  • rem model 721

    I just thought this is cool.
    My buddy just aquired is recently late grandfathers model 721 rem in 30.06. This rifle is beautifull. It has the original blue job without a mark on it. OK, but only one small ding on the barrel. The only other modification is the stock was replaced with a stunning custom made golden yellow birds-eye maple stock with a cheekpiece custom fitted for the shooter, again not a single flaw. this rifle has seen very limited use. It has an old weaver 4x on it but still retaines the original iron sights. The bolt serial does match the rifle.

    This gun is awsome. I have 2 Qs' if there are any remington buffs out there.
    the date code is OTT. acoording to remington it was made in july of 1948.
    the 721 was made between 1948 and 1962. They made 118,000. The serial on the rifle is 38196.
    the quistion is does the 38196 mean it was the 38196th rifle made?
    The other Q is antbody have an aprox value? Just thought this gun might be a little unique because of date of manufacture.

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    Old Remingtons


    Yeah, sounds like a nice old 721 there. They are very hard to find in original condition. Ususlly the butt plate is swap for a softer pad and the sights are long gone. I guess the stock was upgraded on your buddy's rifle.

    The 721 was made from 1948 until it was replaced by the 700 in 1962. There was a block of serial numbers set aside for the 721/722 models that was 11,000-430,000. The total production was about 118,000, but the first one was 11,001. If your serial number is 38196, just substract the 11,000 and that would make it the 27,196 rifle made in that series. That's a pretty old rifle. The 30-06 was the most common caliber for the 721 and an as new, in the box, unmodified rifle would be worth about $550. Not a lot of money but I think they sold for $33.00 in 1948.

    Of course, that one has so much more in sentimental value to your buddy, I'm sure. I have owned many of them. But sorry to say I have none now. My only hold out of the Remingtons is my old model 720, in 30-06. It is more like a model 30S than a 721/700 series.

    There is a book about the 700's and includes the 721's by John Lacy, It was written for the 700's 25th anniversary back about 1997. If you could find a copy of that it has all the numbers in it and tells a lot about the history of the development of that serieas of rifles. try this site.

    Good shootin'.

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      Like I said sad just thought that was cool.

      Thought the rifle would be unique due beeing the first year year of production.


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