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  • Rings and Base help.

    I am about to purchase the first rings and bases I have had to buy in 15 years so I thought I would ask for some advise on the best within reason. Just like I buy Leupold scopes because they are the best for the dollar in my view anyway. What is the best buy for heavy duty rings and bases. Thanks.

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    Scope mounts


    Leupold makes some very good bases and rings for about $45 a set. They have the old standard dove tail front and windage base rear and some newer dual dove tail rings. I really like the Dual Dovetail mounts. Both rings turn into the bases, front and rear. This is a more solid mount than the rear windage screw style. There is no need for the windage adjustment in the rear anyway. It's just another screw to get loose and they do get loose.

    You didn't mention what gun you have but Leupold is made for just about everything. I install several scopes for folks and never have a problem with them. You'll want to mount the scope as low as possible and I think the low rings will mount a 40 mm scope on most rifles.

    There are many good mounts available, Warne, Talley, Burris (They also have dual dovetail) and most make detachable mounts too. I like the Talleys but a little pricey and more difficult to install, same with Warne. Leupold or Burris are simple and strong, five minute installation.

    Hope this helps, good shootin'.

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      If you want the best value and most rugged scope mount system, Papa, the Dual Dovetails are SUPER! I think you have to get into the tactical scope mounts and rings to get a tougher, more dependable system. The "good" tactical scope mount and ring systems are $300 or more. That said, Dual Dovetail are as rugged, but don't offer easy-off/on and repeatability.

      Millet makes some very good Weaver style bases in steel for about $15 per set. The Burris Zee rings are very strong and well regarded.

      If you are going for the most bang for the buck, and want to be able to remove your scope from time to time, get a Weaver slotted mounting system. If you will not be switching scopes or removing for other reasons, the dual dovetail is the best value IMHo.

      Good luck!


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        Burris rings

        I got a 50 bmg a few months ago and after checking out info with the fifty caliber shooters association decided to go with the Burris tactical rings. They have 6 screws each and are reasonably priced. I am shooting a 700 gr bullet out of that cannon and have had zero problems with the scope or the mount. I could not recommend them high enough. They can be found at I would recommend lapping the rings and using a torque wrench. Since I have got those two tools, I have had no problems with my rifles holding their zero. From 300 Weatherby to my Armalite 50 cal the lapping of the scope rings and the torque wrench have saved the day. They can be found at I believe the torque wrench is from 1-30 inch lbs. Also great for checking the screws beneath the action. This is a big source of accuracy loss in most rifles. Particularly if the front screw is looser than the back. I hear it is the first thing most gunsmiths check when a rifle is sent in with accuracy problems.
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