XS Lever Rail for Marlin® 1895's???



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  • XS Lever Rail for Marlin® 1895's???

    Does anyone have experience with the XS Lever Rail for Marlin® 1895's???

    I am curious how solid the rail is once mounted. I assume it attaches with a single screw in the back and ties into where the stock rear sight is on the barrel.

    Feedback appreciated.

    Link -- > http://www.xssights.com/

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    XS Scope/Sight rail...


    I have only put on one of these but it is very solid and allows a lot of versatility in sighting systems. I believe it uses the four receiver scope mount screw holes and a device which dovetails into the barrel here the old rear sight was. They also have, or used to, a scout rail which used the front scope mount screws and the rear sight mount point. I have put on a few of these and they are also a very good system. This new rail will allow conventional scope mounting or scout scope mounting and also the weaver rail mount Ghost Ring aperature rear sight, or some combination of these.

    I would say it is a good addition to the 1895 rifle. Good shootin'.

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      The newest rail also includes the rear ghost ring sight and I believe a new front sight to install as well.
      I like them and plan on installing one on my XLR 45-70 soon


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        solid ... good

        Originally posted by Murphy

        I believe it uses the four receiver scope mount screw holes and a device which dovetails into the barrel here the old rear sight was.

        I would say it is a good addition to the 1895 rifle. Good shootin'.


        Thanks Murphy ... Sounds like a versatile, solid system.


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          XS is a good base for a GOOD Scout Scope

          the XS scout mount for the 1895's is a good product as stated above.

          HOWEVER And I caution anyone building a scout rifle in any make or model...

          DO NOT USE A CHEAP SCOPE and avoid using a pistol scope. True "Scout" scopes are not cheap to begin with, so spend the extra money and get a GOOD name brand one that is designed as a Long Eye Relief Scout Scope. Buy good low mount rings or again you will not be happy with your rifle. Been there, done that too many times- experience is an expensive lesson.

          XS is the best system to go on a Marlin 1895 or a model 336
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            I tricked out my guide gun with a Scout scope setup. Went with a Leupold Scout scope and Ashley Outdoors scout mount. I got rid of it after about 4-5 months.

            The scope was too big or heavy; made the rifle unwieldy, imho.
            Maybe it is a viable concept for a Steyr Scout rifle, but I think it was just Jeff Cooper's pecadillos seeing light of day.

            I could've bought a Scout rifle if I wanted one. Used to own a Steyr Pro-Hunter. It was an okay rifle. Nice barrel contour from the hammer forged rifling.

            The Guide Gun is a go everywhere gun. The scout concept is not really transferable to a lever action elephant gun. (I had the AO ghost ring iron sights too, and dumped them also.)

            I tried using a Weaver 1-4.5 scope, but the design of the scope was not right for the 1895. Then I went to a Leupold M-8 4x. Works really well with a Weaver base and any weaver style ring. I even tried an M-8 2x handgun scope on the AO Scout Rail; no go. I recently have moved to a Burris 1.5-6x scope on the rifle. Haven't had time to do more than bore-sight the thing on the collimator.

            One thing I don't like about the Guide Gun is the cut down stock, so I add a Pachmayr slip-on buttpad to get a bit more pull.

            Before I get into a full-blown diatribe/rant on the subject, let me finish by saying that the gun is too heavy and short, and that a 150yd usable trajectory ctg hardly even demands a scope. An 1895 Guide Gun is no plinker, it is a close range bear defense weapon or a moose gun that is always handy. If presented with an opportunity for a moose, a scope aids bullet placement, no real advantage to a Scout scope. If you are defending against a bear, you likely have as much time with either scope system. Finally, I wasn't impressed with the Scout Rail itself. The rifles do look good setup that way, maybe I was just too old to learn the Scout Scope Trick.


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