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30-06 load for Barnes TSX?

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  • 30-06 load for Barnes TSX?

    There's a goat hunt on my horizon...

    I've lurked on forums and pored over manuals and magazines and ads.

    I'm going to load 180-gr Barnes Triple-Shocks in my 30-06 for this one. The ADF&G biologist for the area tells me he's seen many a brown bear hunting the same goats I'm going after, so I ruled out the 150-grainers on that basis. Besides, I won't shoot past 300 yards, so the bullet drop difference at the extremes doesn't carry much weight as an incentive to shoot lighter bullets.

    That said, I've got my Lyman manual recipes for the Barnes X, and a couple of other sources besides. Barnes' advertising materials suggest working up slowly to as much as 2 grains over the max listed X load when loading the triple-shock - barring worrisome pressure signs. I'm starting with Reloder 22 and CCI 200 primers.

    This will be my first experience loading 'unleaded' bullets. If anyone has insights, tips, warnings, etc. specific to the triple shock or copper slugs, or just wants to tell me I'm an idiot, I'd sure rather hear it now than after everything goes gunnysack at the range...


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    30-06 Barnes

    Depending on how long you seat your bullets, you might not be able to get enough RL 22 in there, to make those barnes move at the velocity you want. The Barnes 180's are pretty long, and RL 22 is at the slower burning end for 30-06 applications. Might try using a a lighter barnes bullet or a more conventional 180 grn bullet. I have had best results using H4350 w/ the 180 grn projectiles. Just my .02


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      I tried the Barnes TSX acouple of years ago when they first came out in one of my 06's. they shot good but did not open up at all. It was like shooting ball ammo. IMHP the 06 just does not have the speed these hard bullets need to perform well. Try one of the many bonded bullets that have came out in the last few years they perform alot better at the speeds your shooting plus your pocket book will thank you. Horse


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        Too slow?

        No kidding? Did you chronograph the loads? How fast did you get 'em going?

        One reason I chose the TSX was the possibility to get some extra velocity out of them. What powder did you put behind them in your '06 load, Horse?


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          30-06 and Barnes


          I don't think RL-22 is the best powder for the long Barnes 180 grain bullets. I don't even think it is the best powder for highest velocityfor any 180 grain bullet in the 30-06. The limit is about 58-60 grains in the case and that will be about 2600 fps at best for a 180 grain. RL-19 and H4350 are much better propellants for the '06. You will also have to accept slower velocity compared to lead bullets due to friction, etc. And I agree with the comment about expansion of the X or TSX, the 30-06 is not fast enough to get reliable expansion.

          With 56.0 grains of H4350 and a 180 grain Partition or A-frame or Kodiak You should get 2750 fps from 22" barrel. If you just want to use what you have, no problem, just fill the case to the base of the neck with RL-22 and seat the Barnes on it. That's all you can get. This will compress the powder some. If you have a drop tube it will settle the powder and you can get more in the case. This will be about 60.0 grains at most. By the way, the 180 grains will be faster than the 150 grains at 300 yds with good loads. Good shootin'.

          Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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            No kidding

            The powder was IMR 4350 I will have to reply with all data once I can double check my note book. And I will also post a pic of one bullet I recoverd from a moose and a bullet recoverd from a block of spruce shot from 10 yards. and incase you are wondering how I recoverd a bullet from a moose that did not open up and did not just pass through it was lodged in his hip from about 350-400 yard hail mary shot. The story behind that is the first time I shot him he was right at 150 yards he acted like nothing happend and started trotting off the second through fifth shot same results six shot in the rump down goes Mr moose. While butchering the moose 4 were in the boiler room 1 in neck 1 in hip all the holes looked like I had just stabbed him with a sharp stick no blood shot just holes. I sure wish I would have redneck tested them first. Horse
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              TSX's and the .30-06


              I was working up loads for 180 TSX's for my .30-06 after breaking-in a new barrel for it (a real nice Lilja with a 10 twist). I agree with Murphy and others that RL 19 and H4350 are "go to" powders for the 06, but just for the heck of it I played around with RL 15 (my personal go to powder for many calibers) and Varget. I have found that the two powders are similar, and I like the temperature tolerances of both. Anyway, I worked the RL 15 up to 50 grains (which is on the high side) with no obvious pressure signs. The 180 TSX's were zipping at 2820 fps and grouping tightly...very tightly. There is plenty of room left in the case...unlike RL 19 charges.

              As far as X's not opening up on game. I have had exactly the opposite experience from other postings...on grizzly bear, moose, black tailed deer and even a wolf. In fact, I have NEVER recovered an X bullet, as they just blow right through leaving a bigger exit hole with a straight line from the entrance hole...suggesting that they opened just fine. I would definately load up those TSX's for your hunt.

              As always, don't just take my charge data...all rifles are different...start know the rest. Hey, good luck this fall!



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                Much Appreciated

                Gentlemen, thanks.

                Relatively new to reloading, I hadn't really thought through the implications of how dense the powder is and how much one can effectively get into the case.

                I'm gonna go trade in that unopened bottle of RL-22.


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