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    I was wondering what is thought of the Fail Safe (Winchester) rounds?


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    I heard that Failsafes were being phased out, I believe for the new bullet (XP3 ?) Winchester has/will introduce. Besides, I've heard of mixed reviews on FS. Some people swear by them while others swear at them.

    I've never used them, so I'm only speculating. I personally wouldn't stock up on them, but if you've had good success with a proven load and the opportunity to buy a closeout lot of them came along, then I would.

    They seem to penetrate quite well, kind of like X bullets from what I've been led to believe.



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      Re: Fail-Safe

      I am no expert on bullet type etc but I have had great success with the failsafe over the past few years. I am fortunate in that I have a few cases of fail safe in 06 and 280 rem in the closet that will last me a very long time. The new xp3 is a very good bullet as well, a buddy of mine used it recently on a black bear hunt we were on out of Homer and it flattend a blackie out of an 06 with a 180 grain bullet @ 70yds.



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        My son uses the Fail Safe in his 7mm mag. Has taken whitetails in the U.P of Michigan and dumped everyone in its tracks. He swears by them.


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          excellent ammo.

          I use the Win supreme fail safe in 300 win mag and really like it. They are accurate and deliver the punch. I wont use anything else. If they are phasing them out, I'm gonna go buy up what I can.
          Proud to be an American!


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            I'm no expert but.

            I shot a moose a few years ago with my 7mm STW at about 80 yards. The moose was quartering towards me when I shot him. I was using 160gr. Bonded Bear Claw bullets. The bullet hit the moose at the base of the neck and travelled down the spine destroying about 18" of back bone. When I was cutting up the moose I found the bullet at the end of the backstrap next to the spine. When I got home I wieghed the bullet and it weighed a little over 137gr. (about 86% wieght retension) That was proof enough for me that I was done shopping for a good bullet for this gun. I would almost have to recommend these bullets to anyone shooting a faster than average caliber such as the 7mm for heavy game. Just my thoughts.


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