Okay, now I'm getting P.O.'d!!!



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  • Okay, now I'm getting P.O.'d!!!

    The oldest boy was stationed at Ft. Rich till he separated last year. Household goods, including his firearms, went into storage there in Anchorage.
    Had the stuff moved down here after he got his house finished, it came in several shipments, with some of it still up there, including his firearms.
    Get a call from BATF, wanting to know if he had descriptions/serial numbers of his guns, because it appears that his box had been broken into, and several weapons are gone. I'd loaned him several of mine, and it looks like I'll only get one of those back, and I gave him a Winchester M70 .375 H&H with a 3-9X Leupold for a birthday present before he went up.
    Gone are the M70, TWO brand spanking new M1A's, my 20 ga. 870, his 20 ga. S&W auto, an 1873 Winchester saddle ring carbine .44-40, and a couple other pieces.
    Is this a common occurence? We gave all serial numbers, descriptions, and some photos of the missing pieces to the BATF, but I'm not holding my breath. Apparently, the storage outfit wants to settle for replacement of the missing stuff, but that still don't make it right!
    Okay, rant off, thanks for letting me spew!

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    I shipped firearms in my household shipments a great many times. I never had any lost or stolen. Once there was a question about serial numbers and the traffic management office went to the moving company and made them find every weapon and checked all the serial numbers, then watched everything get repacked. The inventory sheet usually require a detail description and the serial number of all weapons. I never left any in long term storage. No, replacement does not make it right but at least they seem to willing to make things right. You have a right to be P.O.d and rant, it sucks to lose weapons like that.


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      Personally I could not seperate myself like that from my guns, I could not just leave them to folks I do not know for safe keeping and shipping. I would have shipped via FFL transfer.

      Very sorry about the loss and I hope they come close to making it right to your satisfaction.



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        My wife is a paralegal for the Air Force and has worked in the claims department and also worked with the Army for awhile. Before you settle directly with the storage outfit you should check with the Army's legal office. Even though your son is out now the government is still responsible for that shipment and it's very likely they will get you more money back. If you settle first with the storage company the Army won't help you. Did your son have any type of homeowners or renters insurance at the time the guns went into storage?
        "Beware the man with only one gun; he may know how to use it."


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          I'll let him know...

          Thanks, I'll pass on your advice. I am not aware that he had any insurance on the articles.


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