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  • Rabbit Creek Range Info

    I tried calling the number for the Range, the mailbox is full so I wasn't able to access any recorded information. Can someone provide info on the following:

    1) Previous threads state that the range is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 to 5. Is that info correct?

    2) How many lanes are there, and if I get there at 10 during the week will I get a lane, or do I need to arrive earlier?

    3) Daily range cost is $7?

    4) Can I bring my own targets, or do I need to use/purchase them at the range?

    5) Are sandbags available at the benches, or should I bring my own rest?

    Thanks for any info you can provide,


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    Wed-sun 10-5 correct. What are you shooting? They have different ranges. Regardless, you should have no problem getting a lane in the middle of the week. $7 and you bring your own targets or you can purchase them there. The stands are available at the range so are the rests. I also believe they have chronos for rent. Must check into the main office first to get finger printed. Just kidding.


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      Thanks love2hunt - I'll be shooting a Ruger Model 77 MkII in .338 Winchester Magnum. I'll just need the 100 yard range, to verify that I'm still shooting 2 inches high at 100 yards to be dead on at 200.



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        There is a 50 yd handgun range with about a dozen lanes, 100 yd rifle with about the same number of lanes, and 1/2 each of those lanes are covered.

        I typically shoot at lunchtime during the week, and I've yet to have a problem getting a lane, not sure about weekends. August/September is definately the busy time of the year.
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          Where is the range located, I would like to stop by and make sure My rifle is properly sighted also.


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            Head south out of Anchorage, just as you head down the hill onto Potter's Marsh, the range is to the west (next to the water).


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              Thanks for the Information, is there any open ranges that are located out in the valley?


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                They have a bigger range and you can shoot up to 300M. It's about 1/2 way between ANC and the Palmer-Wasilla. $10.


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