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  • painting stainless Ruger rings

    Somewhere on this sight someone mentioned they had spray-painted their stainless Ruger. I thought I'd try it on the rings on my Ruger. I tried Rust-oleum black auto primer. I made sure the rings were clean (degreased) and sprayed a light coat. Let it dry and did another. Then a third time. The next day I went to check it. The primer comes right off with my fingernail. So I cleaned everything off and tried again. The second time I used Plastic-Kote black Classic Laquer. Same results. Does someone who has actually done this know if there is some other type type of paint that will actually stay on the rings? (I know this isn't needed, I just like the way matte rings look with a matte scope. Plus, the fact I'm not sheep hunting has me fiddling with the guns.) Thanks, D

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    First remove any traces of oil, grease, etc. with a degreaser that does not leave a film on the rings. You can use mineral spirits for this, but wear rubber gloves. Then remove the sheen from the rings surfaces with 00 or so steel wool. Use a circular motion when doing this. Then wear a new and clean set of gloves, and remove any traces of oil and steel dust from the rings, and place them on a dowel or stick to spray paint them. Spray automotive gray-color primer, followed by automotive flat or satin black pain once the primer is dry.

    Keep in mind that a new set of rings would save you some money, since primer and paint is expensive. Leupold makes bases and rings for Ruger rifles. That's what I have on mine.


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