Camo Tape/Accuracy Issues?



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  • Camo Tape/Accuracy Issues?

    Has anyone had accuracy issues after putting camo wrap on their barrel and stock. I tried some the other day, went to the range, and could not hold my normal grouping.

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    tape on firearm

    Depends on how it's put on. If the tape on the barrel is separate from that on the stock it shouldn't have any effect... as long as the original bedding surfaces between the action/barrel and any part of the stock is not taped. If the barrel is wrapped with tape where it sits in the stock channel or if the barrel and forend are wrapped together then I would think there could be a lot of change in grouping and/or POI. I've put all kinds of different types of tape and paint on stocks, actions/barrels/scopes and never had it change a thing. But was always careful to keep the two separated.


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