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270 Accubond 140gr Winchester $18.00 (9)

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  • 270 Accubond 140gr Winchester $18.00 (9)

    I have 9 boxes of Winchester 270 140 gr. accubond shells for $18 a box plus shipping from Missouri. These are brand new. I wanted the wsm and got these by mistake and need to dump them.

    Sean 816-868-5982

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    Shipping ammo


    Have you checked on shipping this ammo to Alaska? Difficult to impossible and very expensive at best. Probably better to try and sell them in MO.


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      Shipping to Alaska is the same as any of the 50 states if you use the flat rate boxes the post office has. Boxes are smallish but as long as you keep the weight under 70 pounds the boxes will go priority airmail anywhere in the USA for $8 and change. I have lead, bullets, etc shipped to me all the time using this method. You could easily get 10 boxes of bullets in one box.
      Just tape the box well and do not exceed 70 pounds or the Post Office will refuse to accept it.


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        Live ammo, not components

        Sure, I've had non combustible components shipped too, but not loaded ammo. Different situation. Not supposed to ship via USPS, unless you want to chance it. None of the big companies like Midway, Sportsman's Guide, et al, will ship to Alaska, because loaded ammo can't go by air. Sporting Goods stores up here get it sent via Seattle and barge. Very spendy for small amounts. I've heard members say they ship ammo with other personal goods via trucks through Canada assumedly, but that is taking a risk. As I said, difficult if not impossible and spendy at best.


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          My mistake. I thought they were just the bullets. You are correct.


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            aammo shipping

            That's cool, but it is a ridiculous situation. I mean, why would loaded ammo or even powder and primers be a problem if checked in properly by the typical highly trained airport crews, on an airplane? What, if the plane caught fire or crashed, would the ammo/powder make things worse? The Post Dufus is a joke, too. Ah well....


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