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    Help me understand this, Leupold just came out with a ballistically "smart" rangefinder. Besides providing the actual range to the target it apparently takes into account the angle of the shot , allegedly providing the corrected range to the target due to the angle of attack.
    Okay, I thought that was the purpose of the rangefinder, to provide you the actual target distance as if both reference points were on a flat plane.
    Thus providing actual distance rather than topographical distance. Thus providing correct range for up/down scenarios.
    To quote one of my attempted murderers, "wassup wid dat?"
    Any experts out there?

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    I just answered my own question, www.leupold.com . Line of sight vs geographical distance. Anyone who hunts sheep/goat really shoot beyond 300 yards up there?


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      true ballistic range

      The new range finder will not only give you the "line of sight" distance to your target but will also calculate the true ballistic distance to the target once you input the external ballistics of the cartridge you are shooting if your target is not in the horizonal plane. This would involve calculations that would include the exact angle deflection from the horizonal, the cosign of the involved angle and the external balistics of your cartridge (primarily projectile BC, weight, and velocity - for this range finder I do not think it includes factors adding corrections for altitude or temperature). You have two choices for zeroing your cartridge: 300 yd and I think 500 or 600 yds depending on your anticipated shooting range. I think it will also indicate your needed MOA correction for your inputted ballistics. Real gee wiz stuff.


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