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  • AR-15 custom

    I plan on building a custom AR-15. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Specifically, does anyone have any contacts for quality lowers? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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    I picked up a Rock River Arms lower last summer from Northern Security, was a fair price considering if you go out of state you'll pay ffl fees and shipping. As far as good info, I learned how to build one from the forums have complete instructions and very helpful tips and hints. good luck


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      Parts kits

      Good parts kits can be found at
      I have build several rifles from their parts kits and have had excellent results from all of their kits. Good selections and quality parts.
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        I spent most of last night on, great website. I liked the model 1 sales webpage. Lots of info there. think I will take a look at Northern Security later this week.
        "A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user." Theodore Roosevelt, 1913


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          I guess my ownly input would be to try and use as many parts from one manufacturer as possible and not mix and match. Even though tolerances are fairly forgiving on these types of guns you can get parts that run the opposite endes of the spectrum in tolerance and make assembly/functioning difficult and unreliable. I'm not speaking directly about the AR's but from helping building some .45's and a custom M1A.
          I built my AR many years ago.... turned it into a CAR-15 type in the early 90's(remember that term?.... or XM177E2?........)
          Have had no problems at all with mil spec parts. Note, it's not a target or H-BAR... just a fun gun to go play with.....
          My gunsmith buddy just "built" a socom M1A (see above) for a customer. Customer brought in the rifle and parts.... My buddy had alot of fitting to do to get all the CUSTOM parts to work together. The owner could have sold his rifle and just bought one already made for much less........
          I hope none of this looks like I'm raining on your parade! I just don't want to to spend to much money and end up with nuthin special (I speak from experience!). Do research.... as it looks like you have been doing! And have fun.. post pics...... Let us know what works best and what you wouldn't do again!!!!
          You never know when I'll want to build one.... actually I kinda want an H-BAR for varmint hunting......

          ciao ya'll

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            What do you want to do with your AR once it's built? Are you going for a custom look, or do you want to keep it close to the MILSPEC A2 model? If you are wanting something custom, you can always go through DPMS (they are a little pricey).
            I'd like to built a nice AR also, once I seperate from the service. I'm going for the M-16 A4 look, and so far, I've estimated that it'll take about 1300.00 dollars to do it (to include 4x Scope, forward assault grip, extra magagzines, tactical sling, and weapons case).
            From what I've seen, the standard full size AR goes for around 800-1000 dollars. Everything else will be up to how custom you want it to look.


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              Right now I am looking at a standard A2 just for the enjoyment in target shooting. I am putting one together for the sheer enjoyment and personal education. After quite a bit of research, I am about to make a run or two in town looking for some stripped lowers. I am heading to Norhern Security this week. If anyone knows of any other local suppliers, please let me know.

              In case I do end up ordering online, anyone know a cheap FFL holder for transfer? I have gone through a local dealer, but paid $50. I have heard that is standard, but if anyone knows of a better price, feel free to share the love.
              "A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user." Theodore Roosevelt, 1913


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