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Where can I buy a Sako action?

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  • Where can I buy a Sako action?

    I need a Sako action,well only the bolt for my L461 in .308 win.I might as well look for a complete action as finding a bolt on its own would be like looking for Rocking Horse sh#t.Any leads are appriciated,hope you had a great weekend!

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    Just about any gunsmith should be able to get one for you, wildwest guns can get you one or somewhere like auction arms you can find them every now and then.


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      The Sako L461 action is for 222 Remington, and such, calibers. The L57 or L579 or A-II is the action for the 308, 243, 7-08, etc. Make sure you get the right bolt.

      I disagree with the notion that Sako actions can be found easily. They are more like chicken lips, just not a lot of them to be had. I buy ALL that I can find of the A-II's, A-III's, and A-V's and there isn't a lot available.

      Now as for a bolt, only the L461 bolt will fit, or if L579, ditto. You might find one. There is a collector in Whiite Water, KS. by the name of Jim Lutes and he has parts for sale from time to time. I don't have a number but area code is 316. You might try to find him.

      How is it you came to own an L461 without a bolt and also why would it have a 308 (stamped) barrel on it? Could you check this and get back to me, I'm curious. I thought I knew something about Sako rifles. Good shootin'.

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        Sako Parts


        You might check this web site from time to time they have parts for sale for the older actions.
        Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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          Sako forester

          Your right!The Rifle I bought with me from NZ,I've had it some time now.I think I left the bolt on the dash board of my truck,from there it fell to the floor and out onto the ground where its probably increasing the mineral content of Alaskan soil!I'll try your leads,thanks again


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            I know this is an old thread, but...

            Searching for a bolt for a Montgomery Wards marketed Sako L57 in .308. Problem is that someone has buffed/ground the inside lug on the bolt, and if just the right pressure is applied, the lug drops into the magazine while retracting the bolt, locking the action up....very frustrating, and I thought about finding someone to build that surface up with weld, then figured it'd be better to find a replacement bolt than screw around with welding on a critical part.
            I also saw that Murphy mentioned a fella by the name of Lutes in Kansas. I happened across this information for him.....

            Lutes, 202 North Locust St.,White Water,KS 67154 Phone (316)799-2509


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              SAKO Actions

              I just bought a new in the box lefthanded SAKO 75 Hunter in .25-06 from a guy named JB Bartol of Accuflite Arms in PA. He's a custom gunmaker that specializes in all things SAKO . Check out


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                I have a custom left hand sako 257 wby mag great gun ,many extras. I have not hunted for about 15 years. I would like to sell this rifle. my email address is


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                  Wonder if he is still looking seven years later?
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                    I wonder if Jerr saw the classified section on here and read the rules that apply.
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