How Do You Clean Your Rifle?



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  • How Do You Clean Your Rifle?

    I am interested to hear how you guys clean your rifle after a visit to the range. Also I am wondering if bore brushes and bore snakes do damage to a barrel and if you guys recommend them. I own a barrel snake for a couple of rifles and pistols I own.

    Basically, I am trying to learn how to clean my rifle properly after firing off some rounds. Also I would like to know how you guys clean your firearms after they been suseptable to dust and debry.

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    Your supposed to clean the gun? I thought you just buy another?...just kidding. This is actually a good question. on this subject alot of people can learn new ways. I know I'm willing to ltry new things if it works.

    For me, I will tear it down (field strip if you will). I usually use clp on most of the parts and I use wipe out for the bbl.

    I use a bore snake in the field.


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      When one of my rifles get a lot shooting time I saturate my bore with a good solvent generally Barnes-been using that to work my riflings for years. Then just wipe down the rest of the metal with CLP as well.
      If it is doing abit of shooting to check zero or just dinking around before heading out with any firearm, I wont clean the bore for some time unless it gets exposed to rain.
      When field conditions are demanding for days, thru some serious brush work and weather, yes I will wipe out the bore with CLP and run a dry thru and of course do the other metals too.
      Too me this is as good as it gets. I suppose if I spent 30,000.00 on a rifle it will probably get most of my attention most of the time- but that won't happen.
      My handguns are treated the same as the longuns. These are good tools that I consider like good friends-they won't let me down.
      I favor using bore brushes-highly, except the hard nylon bore brushes. Read somewheres they can damage the bore in time-something else hun?


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