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Browning A bolt rifles?

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  • Browning A bolt rifles?

    Anyone have any experience with Browning a bolt rifles? Looking at one in 375, blue steel. They seem to have features that I want, glass bedded, adj. trigger, free floated etc. Thanks in advance.
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    A Bolts

    I have been using a composite stalker for years now with no problems and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.Good shooting Ronnie


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      Browning A-bolt.

      I fixed a friend's A-bolt Stainless Stalker .338 Win Mag trigger a couple weeks ago. She's had it 20 years and never had the stock off. Once I cleaned the gunk out of the trigger and generally cleaned the lower surfaces, it worked just fine. She has taken many head of game with it in all conditions, so I would say they are reliable firearms, with decent accuracy.


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        stainless stalker

        I have a stainless stalker in 338 win. mag without the boss and I haven't had any problems plus it shoots very well. I really like the 60 degree bolt throw as I feel I can work the bolt a bit faster, I highly recomend.
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          I have had a Stainless Stalker since they first came out with one in a left hand version. Think it was 1990. Been hunting with it ever since and have had no problems what so ever. It is a .338 Win. Mag. and at 100 yards will shoot less than an inch. Its nothing fancy, but a very reliable and accurate gun.


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            I have two abolts a 243 with boss and a 338 RUM. Neither has givin me any problems whatsoever and they both have been very accurate.


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              always one in the crowd

              I hated my .338 A bolt SS and got rid of it ASAP. Workmanship was great so that wasn't the issue. It just got down to ergonomics, the gun never felt right. Added to that, the funky reloading system and the boss on this particular gun inspired me to move it along rapidly to someone who could appreciate it better. Additionally, you might ask Gary Junk at Arctic Gunworks in Fairbanks to show you thier pictures of A bolt barrels that exploded, for no particular reaason, in the extreme cold. I don't claim to know all the details but the pictures were interesting. As always your experiences/opinions may vary!


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                I've also seen the pictures at Mr. Junks shop but it was only one gun and there's alot that can happen at sub-zero ie. snow in the barrell etc., he didn't know why it split but it did, I also heard that when browning introduced their stainless they had some problems but that was way back and I've heard of none since till I saw those pictures, but as I said we don't know what really happened or how old the gun was. If you feel like waiting till 2007 CZ-USA will be offering their 550 safari in left hand and also the 527 american in 223. They are stout guns and I know a guide here that carries one in 458 lott and it's subjected to the worst the environment can dish out, it looks rough but he has no problems with rust and it still shoots straight.
                I once held the yardstick of anothers perfection, I threw it down and carved my own................


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