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Brown Precision ID?

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  • Brown Precision ID?

    Hey anybody out there own a Brown Precision rifle...

    I came across an older gun in which the owner claims was built by Brown Precision in the late 70's early 80's. The gun looks and feels the part but I have not found any marking to indicate such... Planning to call Brown Precision tomorrow and ask them and hoping to shoot this weekend and see what it's performance indicates...

    It's a 375 H&H, built on a Rem Model 700 action, mauser extractor, turned barrel and an old school synthetic material stock and boasts a CRISP trigger...

    Just trying to figure out if I've found a diamond or cubic zerconia.... wanna be...

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    Brown Precision

    Win Mag,

    It should be marked Brown Precision.

    Chet Brown pioneered the fiberglass stock in the 1960's and many other firsts for hunting rifles. His rifles will have the recessed crown and likely a stainless barrel with a teflon finish. I don't think he (or anyone) ever put a mauser extractor on a M700 Remington, do you mean a Sako extractor? Many B.P. rifles have the Sako style extractor. When you say old school synthetic stock, I don't know what that means but Chet Brown never made a bad one. Mark Brown runs the company now and they still turn out very precise hunting rifles. I hope you have a diamond there, good shootin'.

    Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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      more revealed

      The owner never claimed it to be a BP gun... He just happened to hear me and a fellow shooter discussing our recent range exploits...

      He offered up this custom built shooter saying it was built back in the late 70's or early 80's and was passed down to him. He did not know the name of the smith but said it was "something precision" or something like that. Claims it to shoot phenomial groups...

      The gun looks like a BP but has no markings. It has a teflon type OD green coating, recessed crown, unkown barrel material and an OD green synthetic stock ( the stock appears well built, I don't really know what I meant by "old school"). I don't actually know one extractor from the next but was just repeating what he said. (like he knows)

      Just by what you've said already I highly doubt it to be a BP... However, if it shoots well I'll likely try to talk him out of it... Truth be known he has'nt even mentioned selling it. He just offered the gun and a bunch of ammo if we wanted to shoot it... Well duh...

      Thanks again. Hey Murphy being old school I knew you'd steer me right... Really I don't know what that means... However, in your case I assure you it is a compliment.


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        one last thing

        ps... found "precision arms sp" hand written under the barrel on the stock.. mean anything to you?


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          I owned one of his rifles a while back. It was so so. In my opinion they are not what they sold for ( Mine was a 450 Ackley on a Rem 700). Like Murphy stated, they would be marked Brown Precision.
          Value? If it is in really good shape $600 or so. I never found his rifles to function or shoot any better than a factory Remington.


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            BP Extractor

            Brown Precision for several years provided a external (Mauser/M70 style) extractor on 700 Remingtons for the dangerous game rifles and lately use M70 classics for that line for guns. I have been through their facility - metal and stock work was done inhouse - coatings were outsourced. I heard rumors they had a nasty failure on one of their extractor conversions and that is why the stopped doing them but I cannot confirm that. The have alway been a strong proponent of Remingtons. Mark Brown is friendly and open, I have spoken to him several times at the national SCI show but their current production guns are greatly overpriced for what you receive. Major C


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              Precision Rifle...


              I think Precision Arms is (was) a retailer in southern California that sold the Robar rifles, as well as others and was an outlet for various makers rifles in the "tactical" format. The sell well known manufacturers as well as not so well known makers rifles. Maybe this is just their mark, I don't know. They may be the company that stocked the rifle. You may have a very good rifle there. I bought a Sako M995 in 338 Lapua from them a while back, they have good prices. I'd be interested in the final details of this one. Thanks.
              Good shootin'.

              Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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