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  • 9.3x64

    I have finished the 9.3x64 and spent the weekend getting to know it. I started with a 1950 J.C. higgins action [ FN Mauser} that we fitted a Douglas Barrel, stainless, to. Opened the bolt face a very little bit and the feed rails a very little bit. Installed a NECG Win. type safety and a NECG trigger. Put into a English Walnut stock that I had Great American Gunstock do and I bedded the action and floated the barrel. I put conetrol rings on it with a 3to9 Swarovski. I left the barrel in the white and had a black bake on finish put on the action and bottom metal. Lapped the bolt and jeweled it. Black limb saver recoil pad. Left the barrel at 27 inches. I loaded up 50 rounds of 286 nos. pat with hodgon, RL and Imr and went to the range here in Wrangell Friday at Noon. Wife came out at 7 pm to make sure I had not shot myself. Told her it takes a long time at fire 1 and clean fire 2 and clean fire 3 and clean but a guy got to do what he's got to do. I shoot 5 shot groups and I never got a group larger than one and a half inch all day and some less than a inch. It made little diff. in the powder I loaded. Shot about 4 inches high at 100, or 3 and a half. Came home and necked sized the cases and loaded 74 grains of RL19 because I had it and the gun did not care. Back to the range on Sat, target at 200 yds by my range finder 5 rounds into 1 and a half inches at 2500 ft per sec on my croney. I got the target and I will save it so you can come and look. You can go to the range with me and you to can do this. I love this 9.3. Cases or brass from Huntingtons, they have it. By the by it was waaarm on friday and sat and I did all the shooting in a t-shirt, I would not have shot that many rounds through my 375s and been in any shape to type, This gun weights no more than my 375s [Sako and Kleinguenther] but kicks a lot less, I have put together 5 guns the last year and a half all on mauser actions and all for me. This will be my favorate. I am done building guns......I think.

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    Hit us up with some pictures.


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      ahhh success

      Nothing like it, is there? You have to love to shoot and have a love for the machinery that shoots well to appreciate this stuff! Know what you mean about the shoot and clean thing. Just finished doing that with a new (built) 338-06. After shoot and clean for five rounds I found a very large amount of copper build up about 3/4 the way down the bore. So much that it was easily felt with the patch on a jag after thorough cleaning!!! That barrel was hand lapped and smooth as glass from the get go. Almost a prepare to panic situation! Re-read Krieger's thoughts on initial fouling. Went home and spent almost 3 hours cleaning and working on the copper build up. Next time at range shoot and clean one round at a time for 10 more rounds- 4 hours. Significantly less fouling build up. Third time to range with 10 more rounds and after about round five in that string (20 total rounds thru barrel) the bore is really smoothing out and may be near optimal at 25 rounds total. Shot carefully each time at small bull to see if POI changed as barrel broke in and with a couple of different loads to test them. Very little change in POI. All loads so far using 225 gr. Nosler Accubond bullet- maybe a great, accurate bullet? Each group was a tight circular cluster, showing no stringing. Wish all my guns would do this. The action was blueprinted--- single point cut, matching receiver threads to barrel threads, bolt face trued, bolt lugs machine trued, lug shoulders in receiver machine trued to bolt lugs, 24" Krieger #4 SS Match 1/10 twist barrel, chamber reamer custom for a loaded round .004" neck clearance, headspaced for slight shoulder contact fit with new Norma 338-06 brass for zero headspace. I think I'm done building guns too- now you have me thinking about the 9.3X64- yikes!


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        Brian's Delight

        Brian, sounds like you put together a really fine long gun. The only curiosity I have is the barrel length of 27". Will this gun be mainly for target use?


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          I hunt my guns

          The only place I have found to be hard on a long barrel is in a pick-up down south. Its hard to get it around. I tend to look at the book and see what they used for a test barrel and start there. If the gun shoots I leave it. I can always saw it off but not put it back. I hunt all my guns but for the type of hunting I do and where I hunt this gun is fine. I don't hunt the brush and I try not to be where I have to do a quick shot, if I have to hunt that type of area I get my 375. I think at times we try to make the gun do what we want instead of doing what the gun likes. This gun likes, hes my brother, I will carry him.


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