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  • .300 Win Mag Load

    I'm looking for any information anyone might have on a load for the .300 Win Mag with the 200 grain Accubond and Reloader 25 powder.

    I've read several good reviews of this combination, however no one has said how many grains of powder that they are using.

    I'll be shooting it out of a Remington 700PSS with a 26" barrel.

    What are your experiences with this bullet?
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    Alliant 300 winny loads

    I just happen to have a Alliant powder manual.

    It doesnt list the 200 gr accubond. However they list 75 grains of Reloader 25 for the Barnes 200gr "X" bullet at 2,825 ft/sec. Pressure for this load is 61,00cpu.

    They show 78 grains of Reloader 25 for Swift 200 gr sp at about the same velocity. Pressure for this load is 58,500 cpu.

    I know this isn't exactly what you asked for but should give you a starting point anyway.

    All of the bonded bullets from various manufactures are good and I would expect the same from the accubond!


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      Swift manual says...

      ...75 gr. of RL-25 (max load) out of a 24" test barrel should give 2892fps. with the 200gr. A-Frame, again, not exactly what you're looking for...but maybe it should be ;-)

      Sorry, just love the A-Frame! I can see where a flat shooting Accubond would be nice at range, on a grass eater, but wouldn't 180 be just about right for that application? Sorry again, don't want to step on any toes, just thinking out loud!

      Good luck with that T!


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        300WM loads

        The highest loading manual vel for the 300 WM with a 200 gr (? Swift A-Frame) I have seen has been with Retumbo. I have had excellent accuracy as well as vel with the Barnes XXX and Reloader 19 with their 168 gr (3250+ fps and < 1 moa) and Reloader 22 with their 180 grainer (3150+ fps and 1 moa). This rifle has a 24" tube and weighs less than 6.5 lb field ready. Check out the Hodgdon and Barnes manuals for specific load recommendations.
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          Another choice

          Check out:

          I think RL-22 would be your best bet.



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            300 win mag

            I had a 300 win mag in a remington 700 XCR and it would shoot 5/8th inch groups with the 200 gr accubonds. I should have never sold it but I did and I am a moron but besides that here is my load data for it anyways. It's not RL25 but it was pretty accurate and worth trying if you are looking for accuracy.
            70.5 grs of H4831
            200 gr accubond
            federal 215 primers
            winchester brass

            I am sure that you already know this but here it is anyway. Don't forget to start a litle lower in powder and work your way up while checking for pressure signs. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you.



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